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Recommended reading: men talking good shit edition

A trifecta of good stuff for you this evening.

Craig Ranapia on Greg “if everyone would just be good little proles then the cops wouldn’t have to beat you” O’Connor and Tiki “brown man with completely inexplicable dislike of agents of repressive state apparatus” Taane:

But the one thing O’Connor and his ilk can’t do – and even worse, don’t believe they have to seriously try – is back up their assertion that words and music they don’t like lead to real world crime.

Gordon Campbell on both legal aid/the anti-nanny-state Government’s strange nanny-state-esque behaviour:

So far, the Key government has reduced the right to a jury trial, extended the powers of search and surveillance by state agencies, restricted the rights against self incrimination, sought the ability to conduct trials in the absence of the accused, and ended the independence of the agency dispensing legal aid – and that’s even before we got to today’s changes.

As Scoop consistently argued, the dispute was always about getting Warners more money, and the union dispute was being used as a diversion to that end. Simultaneously, the climate of anti-union hysteria did no harm to the ability of the government to get its rewrite of some key elements in our industrial legislation framework through Parliament.

Rob Salmond on the Labour list what-about-the-menz whining (h/t NRT):

What the graphs show is that Labour’s caucus will look broadly similar to New Zealand, but will continue to moderately underrepresent women, Maori, and New Zealanders of Asian descent. The Rainbow community is either marginally overrepresented (by about one MP) or represented proportionally, depending on which population estimate you prefer. And Pasifika peoples are overrepresented in Labour’s caucus by 1-2 MPs.

The moustachioed leopard does not change his shorts

It’s going to be a frantic weekend for me but dammit, I shall keep up this posting thing!

So a midnight snack of pointed commentary by Deborah at THM/In A Strange Land, on Chris Trotter’s amazing ability to think the merest possibility of scuttling Labour’s desperate quest for National’s votes is terrible when it’s about (whisper it) abortion, but an actual threat to Labour’s desperate quest to take the people of Mana for granted is totes cool ’cause Matt McCarten is a good staunch unionist bloke.*


*Which he is, of course, and fuckin’ props to the Mana move.  Sorry Labourites, if you lose Mana because its voters go “fuck this, I want some actual principles with my leftism” and Parata sneaks through the split left vote you have no one to blame but yourselves – try not to pull a Prendergast, k?