DUFC Contributors

The Down Under Feminists’ Carnival is open to all feminist bloggers in Australia and New Zealand.  The underlisted blogs have had posts included in previous carnivals.

It’s important (at least to me, I don’t presume to speak for other bloggers!) that the DUF Carnival really showcases the awesome breadth and depth of Australasian feminist* blogging (the definition of “feminist” being pretty damn broad, as you can see!)

I may also have a wee obsession with compiling lists … and think it would TOTALLY ROCK to make this one as huge as possible.  So if you write or read a blog or blogger that hasn’t appeared in the Carnival yet, submit some posts and spread the love!

If I’ve mistyped your blog’s name or your pseudonym, or you would prefer not to be included, just drop me a line at qotblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please note:  Mainstream media sites have been included, with the carnival’d authors listed so you know which ones are the ones to read.  Several bloggers included do not identify as feminists and may in fact be considered antifeminist in their views, or racist, transphobic, classist, anti-sex-worker etc.  But they have all been included in our Carnival at one time or another.  Just tread with caution.

I’ve now created a section for blogs which are inactive but still live, and cleared out blogs which have been deleted or locked down.

DUFC-Featured Blogs

A Bee of a Certain Age (Deborah)

A.E. Brain (Zoe Brain)

ABC (Samantha Jenkinson, Katrina Fox, Marieke Hardy, Kate Marsh, Stella Young, Veronica Foale, Mary Delahunty)


Abyssinia, Henry (Nine)

Accidentally in Code (Cate)

The Ada Initiative (Mary)

Adventures in Parenting in Public (baroquestar)

The Age (Clem Bastow, Rachael Ward)

Alice Boyes (Dr Alice Boyes)

All My Penguins (Steph)

ALRANZ (Captiver, Guest post: Alison McCulloch, Genevieve)

Among Amid While (Margo Lanagan)


Andragy (Andra)

Anjum Rahman

Anna Caro

Anne Summers

The Antibogan

The Apple Core

Ariane’s little world

Art and My Life

AusOpinion (Simon Copland)

Australian Cat Ladies

The Australian Independent Media Network (Cat Williams, Victoria Rollison)

Australian Women Writers (Elizabeth Lhuede, MD Brady)

Autism & Oughtisms

Bad Hostess (Helen Razer)

The Banana Lounge (Tseen Khoo)

Bat, Bean, Beam (Giovanni Tiso)

because i’m a whore

Ben McKenzie

Bernice Balconey’s Baloney

BioBlog (Alison Campbell)

Bitch Magazine (Chally)

The Bitch Who Roared (Linda Radfem)


blue milk (blue milk, guest poster Shannon Breen)

bluntshovels (El Gibbs)

The Brisbane Times (Ellen Lutton)

Butterfly Elephant (Bethwyn)

Cactus Kate


Can Be Bitter (Katherine Klaus)

Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty (Maia)

Cast Iron Balcony (Helen)

Catherine Deveny

Champagne and Socks (AlisaK)

Clementine Ford

coffee.geek.nz (Shiny/Brenda Wallace)

Coley Tangerina

Confessions of a Stuffed Olive

The Conscience Vote

contradictory multitudes

The Conversation (Hannah Robert)

Corpulent (Frances)

Craft is the New Black (meganwegan)

Creating Anxiety (Xanthë)

Crosslegged on the Front Lawn (Danni)

Curl (Kate Galloway)

CXLI (Ben Powell)

Daily Life (Rachel Hills, Clementine Ford, Celeste Liddle, Candice Chung, Sarah MacDonald, Andie Fox, Ruby Hamad)


Devoted Eclectic (Elizabeth Lhuede)

Different Strands (Pheebey)

Dr Sapna

Early Bird Catches the Worm (Scarlett Harris)

Eglantine’s Cake (Penni Russon)

Egs for Breakfast

Elsewoman (AnneE)

Emilia Writes

Emma In Oz

Emma Pocock


Even in a little thing (gillpolack)

Faster Louder (Victoria Birch)

fat dialogue (Sam)

Fat Heffalump (sleepydumpling, Guest post:  Foxie)


Fatuosity (sizeoftheocean)

fcollective (Megan Clement-Couzner)

Feminaust (MsElouise, Mentally Sexy Dad, IsBambi, taracartland, Jennifer Duke)

The Feminist Kiwi (Hayleigh)

Feministe (Chally, Spilt Milk, hexy)

Feministing (Chloe)

The Filing Cabinet (Megan Clement-Couzner)

Finally, a Feminism 101 blog (tigtog)

Fix it, dear Henry (Eliza Cussen)

Flat 7 (ana australiana)

Flight of a Hummingbird (tikiwanderer)

Footpath-hogging Menace (lauredhel)

Four Coloured Stripes (Louise Mayhew)

Friend of Marilyn

frogblog (Catherine Delahunty)

Fugitivus (Harriet J)

Furious Vaginas (Krissy Kneen)

Geek Feminism (Brenda Wallace, Mary, Skud)

ginger honey (Stephanie)


Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear

Global Comment (Chally Kacelnik)

Godard’s Letterboxes

Good Bras are a Feminist Issue (Tamsin)

Good Gravey!

The Guardian (Amy Gray, Kelly Briggs, Andie Fox)

The Hand Mirror (Anna, Deborah, Julie, Maia, stargazer, The Bewildering Case of Ms Enid Tak-Entity, The ex-expat, anthea, ScubaNurse, LudditeJourno, AnneE, AlisonM, nausea nissenbaum – Guest posts: Dr Margaret Sparrow, Jacinda Ardern, Louise, Giarne, Kassie Hartendorp, Sophia B)

Harley Quinn Aid! (clownyprincess)

He Hōaka (Kim Mcbreen)

Hersute (Jessica Alice)

High Dudgeon (Linda Radfem)

Homepaddock (Ele)

Honi Soit (Rafi Alam)

The Hoopla (Corinne Grant, Wendy Harmer)

How Not to be A Jerk (Amy S)

Hoyden About Town (Lauredhel, Mindy, tigtog, Guest Hoydens: Beppie, Chally, Helen, hexpletive, Mary, Napalmnacey, Orlando, Ricky Buchanan, Stephanie, Alisa Krasnostein, Wildly Parenthetical, Queen Emily, laughingrat, Oji Dannelley, Skud, Dr Peter John Chen, Megpie71, Emily Manuel, ShoniaS)

Hubris (Joanna Tiare McLeod)

Human Rights Law Centre

A Human Story (Gaayathri)

I Totally Have a Blog (Aleksia)

Ideologically Impure (Queen of Thorns)

Ilaeria (Jen D)

Inner City Garden (Kate Clifford)

Jacqui Tomlins

Jill in a Box

Julie Goodwin

Junkee (Eliza Cussen, Mel Campbell)

Just OK White Shark (Jem)

Justine Larbalestier (Randa Abdel Fattah)

Karen Healey

Karen Pickering

The King’s Tribune (Rebecca Shaw, Kim Powell, El Gibbs)

kiwi thoughts on life, travel & everything else (Heather Hapeta)

Kiwiana (inked) (MJ)

Kiwipolitico (Anita)

The Koori Woman

La Ranita

labellementeuse (the girl with the blue blue heart)

The Lady Garden (Tallulah Spankhead, coleytangerina, Emma – Guest posts: Curvaceous Dee, Max Rose, Dorothy Dentata)

LadyNews (steph)

A Large Pink Woman (and one bit of gauze) (MsStephanieCatherine)

Larvatus Prodeo (Anna Winter, Deborah, Glenn Fuller, Kim, Mark, Melanie McFarlane, tigtog, Cristy)

lecta (Mary)

Leena van Deventer

Letter From Elsewhere (Anne Else) (link to main Scoop page, rather unhelpful but see also Elsewoman)

Letters From Wetville (Sandra)

A Life Unexamined (Jo)

lip (Sonya Krzywoszyja, Emma Davidson, Kaylia Payne, Dunja Nedic, Emma Koehn, Zoya Patel, Sarah Berndt, Siobhan, Josephine Mandarano, Coco McGrath, Raidah Shah Idil, Emma Koehn, Tatum Street, Erin Stewart, Sophie Overett, Danielle Bagnato)

a little bit of life (Kat Daley)

The Little Pakeha (Chris Miller)

Little Seahorse

Liz’s Stuff About Stuff

logansrogue (Nancy)

looking for the holes (Elaine Kelly)

Love versus Goliath

LudditeJourno (Sandra Dickson)

Maintain the Beige (Sarah)

Maintaining the Rage Makes Me Tired (Made in Melbourne)

Make Tea Not War

Mama Mia (Mia Freedman, Chrys Stevenson, Kate Leaver)

Marianne Elliott

Maybe it means nothing


Melinda Tankard Reist

Mellow Yellow (dumpling)

Men and Feminism (Clifton Evers, Griffen Jones, Senthorum Raj)

Modern Mama

Mothers for Choice Aotearoa (Nikki Elisabeth)

Motueka News Online (Kate Kennedy)


The Naked Philologist (highlyeccentric)

Narrating Kayoz (Kirsten)

The Naughty Corner (Alison Godfrey)

New Matilda (Violeta Politoff, Barbara Shaw, Zoe Krupka, Helen Pringle)

News With Nipples

No Award (Stephanie, Liz Barr)

No Fibs (Fiona Armstrong)

No Place for Sheep

No Right Turn (Idiot/Savant)

No Stars Ever

Not Drowning, Mothering (imbi01)


Notes from the Grey Lynn Singles Club (Lyn)

NUS Women’s Department (Alison Wonderwound, Lorelei Links, Mikaela Wangmann, Louise Scarce)

Overland (Maxine Clarke, Kate Davidson, Sarah Burnside)

Out of the Shadows (PJ Hoggers)

a penguin of very little brain (stephiepenguin/Stephanie)

Penguin Unearthed

Pesky Feminist (Amy Gray)

Pickled Think (AJ Fitzwater)

Poetry (Maxine Clarke)

polyfeministix (Trish Corry)

Pondering Postfeminism (doctorpen)

Public Address – Up Front (Emma Hart)

Putting Her Oar In (Jane)

Rachel Hansen

Rachel Rayner

Radical Cross Stitch (Johanna, kakariki)

Raising My Boychick (Queen Emily)


ramblings of an idiot

The Ramblings of That Girl Named Ebs (Ebswearspink)

Ramping It Up

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist (Utopiana, Celeste Liddle)

Rape Crisis Dunedin

Ravishing Retro (Michelle)

Reading Kills (Fiona)

Right Now (Ghena Krayem)

Ro Bo Cup (Rosie)

Robyn’s Secret Passage (robyn)

The Roost of the Purple Chicken (alias-sqbr/Sophie’s Secret LJ)

Rush of Sun

Ruth DeSouza

SAHM Feminist (Azlemed)

Sally Baxter

The Sarah Monologues

SBS (Rebecca Shaw)

The Scavenger (3P, Katrina Fox)

Settle Petal (Ivy, EJ Cook, Tara, Eleanor Rosie, Jacqui Clark)

Schmaltz on Wry

Schroedinger’s Tabby (The Paradoxical Cat)

scrambled tofu (Danielle)

Settle Petal! (Monkey Girl, Bronwyn Batten, Jessica Barlow, Simone de Beaver)

Sextracurricular Studies (Claire Shove)

The Shake (eutraphilia, Veronica Foale)

Shallow Depths (Cha)

The Sharpest Pencil (Lana Hirschowitz)


Silver Goggles (Jha)

Skeptic Lawyer (Legal Eagle)

Sky Croeser

Spilt Milk


The Standard (rocky; guest posts by Julie Fairey)

Stargazer (Anjum)

State of Emergency

Stephanie Gunn

The Stirrer (Chrys)

stitching words, one thread at a time (tansyrr)

Stumble Down Under (Cosette Paneque)

The Stump (Shakira Hussein)

Sydney Morning Herald (Benjamin Law)

Tabitha Tempers Trash

Tales from Urban Dilettantia (Helen)

Tales of the Red Headed Devil Child (Nikki)

Tangerina (Coley Tangerina)

Tara Moss 

Telling It Left (Deborah Russell)

terra firma (Ana Australiana)

there’s our catastrophe

The Thesis Whisperer (guest post: Tamara)

This is Complicated (Fatima)

threewisewomen (pohutu, wilbefortis)

Tiger Beatdown (Chloe Angyal, Emily Manuel)

A Tumbler of Armagnac


UQ Women’s Collective

Vegan About Town (Steph)

Vibewire (Marie Bellino)

Victoria Rollison

The View From Down Here (willowdove)

The Vine (Clem Bastow)

Visibility Fiction (Holly Kench)

Viscerate.com (Dee)

Wallaby (Jo Tamar)

We, the Intelligentsia

The Weekly Review (Virginia Trioli)

Well-behaved women rarely make history (ScubaNurse)

Wellywood Woman

Wendy Bacon

Widget (Christy Dena)

wild colonial girl (Kirsten)

Witty Knitter

Wom*news    (Nicole, Charlotte Audley-Coote, Emma Di Bernardo, Madeline Price, Rosie Cuppaidge, Molly Eliza, Katie Larissa, Laura Howden, Joanna Horton, Morgana Lizzio-Wilson, Lotte Scheel)

Woman and Child First (Alison Tuck)

Women’s Agenda (Justine Hyde, Andie Fox, Georgina Dent, Catherine Fox, Van Badham)

Woolf Woolf (Michelle)

Writehandedgirl (Sarah Wilson)

xoJane (Natalie Perkins)

XY Online (Bill Patrick)

Ya Think? (Noely Neate)

You Are Doing That Wrong (Jessamy)

Zero At The Bone (Chally)

Blogs which are no longer active (no posts in a year) but still live:

Adelaide from Adelaide (ThirdCat/Tracy Crisp)

The Ausamerican (Kareena)

Axis of Fat (Janey)

baroquestar (Siobhan)

Charlotte’s Crazy (C.C.)

Chasing My Own Tail (Chasy)


Crimitism (Richie)


The Dawn Chorus (caitlinate, Clem Bastow, hannahcolman, Mel Campbell, mscate, Nic Heath, Rhiana Whitson, Sara Lewis)

Double Antandre

Editing the Herald

Equal Love, Equal Rights (Hayley)

Fat and Slutty (Rachel)

Fibracious (joannaspratt)

Fifty Two Acts (sajbrfem)

finding the words (Jen)

FiveThemes (not_emily)

flagging opinicus rampant (n., LC)

Fly My Pretty (Mikhela) (may return a malware warning)

foggy in nelson

Fuck Politeness

FWD/Forward (Feminists with Disabilities for a way forward) (annaham, Chally, lauredhel)

Garden Variety (Kris)

Georgie & Emma (mummygeorgie)

Gorgon Poisons (Allecto)

Hazel Parson

Helen Squared (Helen Heath, Helen Lehndorf)

HellOnHairy Legs

Heroine-in-Training (The Black Cat)

I Am Not Cake (Jet)

I Am Offended Because (Ally)

I Couldn’t Help But Wonder (Cate)

In a strange land (Deborah)

incrementum (puzzlement)

Jan Logie’s Blog


Lessons to be Learned

Life or Books (Penthe)

The Long Way Home (ardhra, Fire Fly)

A Lump in the Road (Kylie)

Missing Sparkles (C. Connoisseur, Mr Wainscotting)

Mixed Nuts (Nadia)

MsLaurie’s Meandering Musings (MsLaurie)

Musings of an inappropriate woman (Rachel Hills, Bastian Fox Phelan)

My Inconvenient Body (Elisha)


No More Training Wheels

nobility porn

On a Cloudy Day

One Row Purl One Row Plain (sajbrfem)

Pavlov’s Cat

personal political (Suze Oz)

PhD Research Blog (frankiesayscollapse)

Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet

quietly questioning

The Radical Radish (rayedish)

Randomnymity (Placebogirl)

Real Mummy (Undomestic Goddess)

Rethinking Care (Joannie)


The Sex Myth (Rachel, also of Musings of an Inappropriate Woman)

She Speculates (Natalie Rae)

She Who Stumbles

She’s a Carnivore

Show Your Workings (Helen)

Smile … it confuses people

Something More Than Sides (Pharaoh Katt)

Sorrow at Sills Bend (Lucy Tartan)

Stepmum of the Year

Still Life With Cat (Pavlov’s Cat)

Strongly Wrong (Tallulah Spankhead)

Tales from the Naughty Corner (AnnieT)

Tammi Tasting Terroir

the view from elsewhere (elsewhere)

This is My Truth, Tell Me Yours (Keri James)

A Touch of the Crazy (Stef)

Viola’s Bookshelf 

What’s Queer Here? (maxattitude)

Whileawaying (neleh13)

WhyI’mBitter’s Weblog (whyimbitter)

Wildly Parenthetical

WoLFi TaLeS (aztec-rose)

Women of Colour Network Australia (RK)

Yay for Home (Shae)

Young Labour Women (Caitlin, Analiese)

List current up to the 68th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival, January 2014.  Last updated  3 January 2014.

[Missing: edition 33, February 2011; 36, May 2011; 57, Feb 2013; 65, October 2013; no 39th, 48th, or 49th published]


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  3. Julie

    That is truly awesome QoT, and gives me a lot of hope. Thanks again for the props too, it’s great to have you in Blogland, and not just (to paraphrase you back to yourself) because you say nice things about us 😉 I love how your posts speak so strongly and clearly.

  4. Andra

    WOOHOO! Thanks, I’ve been meaning to update my blogroll / reader (since … for quite a while now) and you’ve given me such a start!

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  8. Jessica

    Wondering if you have an email or contact information for Alison Tuck of Women and Child First?

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