Officially Scum

On the Charge of Congratulating Himself for Telling Someone to Commit Suicide / Publishing Said Self-Congratulation and Apologising for “offence caused”

Bob Jones and the New Zealand Herald, 17/12/13

On the Charge of Victim-Blaming Underage Rape Victims, Slut-shaming Their Defenders and Then Apologising “for any offence caused”

Willie Jackson and John Tamihere, inaugurated 6/11/13 (supplementary)

On the Charge of Literally Calling Marriage a Game While Defending Its “Special Status” and Making Fun of the Suicide of Queer Youth

Bob McCoskrie, inaugurated 4/09/12

On the Charge of Compounding the Previous Offence By Saying “Maybe the Family Breakup Caused By The Sexual Assault Was What Really Traumatised Her”

Judge Mark Perkins, inaugurated 20/7/12

On the Charge of Excusing Sexual Assault On A Toddler Because The Abuser Is Funny

Judge Philippa Cunningham, inaugurated 4/09/11

On the Charge of Using the Holocaust to Excuse Fat-hate

Deborah Coddington, Official Scum and Bar, inaugurated 10/06/09

On the Charge of Treating Rape Victims Like They’re Plot Development in Mad Max*

Greer McDonald of the Dominion Post, and the DP for publishing it, inaugurated 30/01/09

On the Charge of Going to Absurd Lengths to Not Use the Word “Rape” When Describing Rape

Harriet Alexander of the Sydney Morning Herald, and the SMH for publishing it, inaugurated 30/01/09

On the Charge of Describing Online Criticism as Lynching

Monica Dux, with a bonus point for referring to critical feminists as “hysterical”, inaugurated 21/10/08

On the Charge of Taking “Prolife” Hypocrisy To Staggering New Levels of Stupid

Archbishop Denis Hart, inaugurated 23/9/08

On the Charge of Whining About Your Offensive Comments Being “Taken Out of Context”

Stephen Franks, (National Party candidate for Wellington Central, kiddies!) for “I love my dog but that doesn’t mean I should be able to marry it”, inaugurated 22/9/08

On the Charge of Using Gang Rape as Metaphor for Being Asked Tricky Questions By Media

Chris Trotter, inaugurated 8/9/08
Deborah Coddington, inaugurated 8/9/08

*H/T Fuck Politeness


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