The moustachioed leopard does not change his shorts

It’s going to be a frantic weekend for me but dammit, I shall keep up this posting thing!

So a midnight snack of pointed commentary by Deborah at THM/In A Strange Land, on Chris Trotter’s amazing ability to think the merest possibility of scuttling Labour’s desperate quest for National’s votes is terrible when it’s about (whisper it) abortion, but an actual threat to Labour’s desperate quest to take the people of Mana for granted is totes cool ’cause Matt McCarten is a good staunch unionist bloke.*


*Which he is, of course, and fuckin’ props to the Mana move.  Sorry Labourites, if you lose Mana because its voters go “fuck this, I want some actual principles with my leftism” and Parata sneaks through the split left vote you have no one to blame but yourselves – try not to pull a Prendergast, k?