Lefty, feminist, Wellingtonian, philologist, geek, willing tequila-drinker, and rejecter of labels.


“You’re not a bitch. Just more polarising and less effective than you need to be.” – Colonial Viper/Tat Loo, Standard comments

“QOT knows fuck all about parenting. Her specialty is some kind of fucked up female subversiveness. No bearing on reality.” – Monique Watson, Kiwiblog comments

“we should all be worried that someone as crude and vicious as QOT is able to set herself up as some kind of moral arbiter” – Kiki, totally not a sockpuppet, Standard comments

“… if QoT had a swear jar she could probably buy a state power company. :)” – Matthew Whitehead, Standard comments

“a dull writer” – Morrissey, Standard comments

“All I ever hear from you is all men to the gulag. Human, you, questionable.” – Bored, comments at The Standard

“fantastically caustic” – Giovanni

“if ever you wanted to know what is wrong with the Left, look no further.” – rainman, Standard comments

“you encapsulate all that is wrong with modern feminism” – Sanctuary

“the monster truck of the feminist blogosphere” – Lew

“offensive nasty spiteful bitch… rotten little Remmers blonde …” – Deborah Kean / Vicky / Vicky32, Standard comments

“a dangerous, hate filled extremist”- Shunda barunda, frogblog comments

“an immature, offensive, load of humourless drivel” – Sonny Blount, KB comments

“Not satire, just witless unfunny cowardice.” – Redbaiter, KB comments

“That … woman is not just misguided, she’s evil.” – I.M. Fletcher, NZ Conservative

“… pithy exegesis … lurking and sniping on the periphery” – Mike Moreu


qotblog [at] gmail.com

Twitter: @qot_nz

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