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New Zealand’s antichoicers are persistent, and despite being a complete minority once you actually get people to think critically about what they’re saying*, they are unwavering in their desire to control pregnant people’s bodies and impose their extremist Judeo-Christian morality on others.

ALRANZ is the organisation which brings facts to the table and supports people’s right to choose – whether that choice is contraception, or abortion, or free love and babies.

(They even give a fuck about what happens after the baby’s born, unlike some moral crusaders.)


*I realise this sounds snobbish.  It’s my experience, though, that when you take a person and say “do you like babies?” and they say “yes, everyone loves babies!”, antichoicers will decide that person is on their side.  When you actually follow up and say “but do you think people should be forced to have babies when they’re 11 years old?” a rather different picture emerges.