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Quickhit: 1day.co.nz are transphobic asshats

1day.co.nz does what it says on the packet.

They also run hilariously edgy (where “edgy” is defined as “white male 50-year-old talkback radio listeners would say you deserved a DB”)* ads.

They send apologies like this:

At 1-day we are all about having fun. We even find it hard to take ourselves seriously most of the time. So we take it to heart when we get complaints from our customers about our promotions.

We thank you for your comments in regard…s to the current 1-day bag of crap promotion we are currently running on our 1-day website.

The use of images of a selection of local New Zealand politicians was our attempt to poke some light-hearted fun at the ‘politically correct’ world we live in, and was in no way an attempt to appear bigoted or trivialise the individuals pictured, their gender, political beliefs, race or sexual orientation.

Our intention was not for this promotion to cause offence to anyone and sincerely apologise if this has been the case.

We have since removed the images and replaced them with something that we hope is less controversial.

Again we apologise for any bad feeling this promotion may have caused.

Kind regards

The 1-day team

(Source: WYFC FB post)

And while Tangerina has knocked the actual WHAT THE FUCK aspect out of the park, I’m feeling a little drained and out of spoons and my brain is just demanding I say this.

I just want marketers to stop lying.

Stop saying you didn’t mean to offend anyone. Of course you did. Making a “poking fun at PC people” justification is about offending people – just people you don’t respect, so I guess that means … it’s Schroedinger’s Offensiveness, or something.

I want 1day to just have the fucking guts to admit they ran this promotion to get interest – probably shitting themselves now that Trademe has started up a competing service, TreatMe. Just be honest, 1day.

Just acknowledge that you wanted to rark people up and it’s backfired because whoops, the dudebros in your comms team didn’t realise that actually, Georgina Beyer is a cultural freaking icon whose fucking rough life story is well-known. She was mayor of fucking Carterton, people. Not Ponsonby, not Cuba Street, fucking Carterton. That should serve as a wee bit of a clue that even members of the me-Tarzan-me-drink-beer sector of NZ society respect her and might find it a bit off for you to call her “random”.

But then I guess putting more than five minutes’ thought into it might’ve cut into your liquid lunch break. And we should probably just be thankful you deigned to assign Helen Clark to the “chicks” category.

Stop lying, marketers. Because there’s nothing more fucking damaging to a Lol We Are So Irreverent Lol reputation than having to send out a pathetic little “we’re sowwy you was offendeds, pwease stay” email to your subscribers because you completely screwed the pooch.


*i.e. not in any way actually edgy.