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Head on car crash

In her inimitable style, The Queen of Thorns has a go at Chris Trotter, Labour, readers of this site, and even poor old Garth George explaining why New Zealand’s abortion laws are shite. As usual she makes her point in a style that resembles a head on car crash and usually excites considerable comment.

Shorter lprent:  fuck this QoT is a manhating bitch but she does bump our pageviews.

Someone remind me how I was totally wrong about the Left once again fucking themselves over by treating women like shit?

Full text of original post to be reproduced here tomorrow for those who, I think we can all agree entirely understandably, don’t want to get dogpiled by the insecurely yapping chihuahuas at The Standard.

And just a short coda on the entire point:  abortion rights is going to be a fucking issue this election.  People are going to learn how fucked up our laws are and they are going to be reminded that our major parties’ leadership does not fucking care about forcing women into having babies or fucking over their lives in order to avoid having principles.

I said you could be with us or you could be against us.  Thanks for making your position utterly clear.