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Back to business

I’ve discovered Spotify (I’m one of nature’s late adopters) so allow me to express myself through music:

… okay, so 2/3 are breakup songs.  That’s kind of wildly inappropriate.  Take the attitude, not the content!

Life has been seriously busy, so it’s been good to have a break from blogging, recharge the batteries, attend a few wild parties.  Naturally, the entire country went to hell in a handbasket, so I may have one or two posts sitting in the Drafts folder which date back a little.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

At this point we could be a year out from an election.  Isn’t that scary?

Self-indulgence corner: here we go again

Here we are again at that same old place where I’ve stood up for a principle and dared to be angry about it and it is revealed once more than even strident feminist bloggers are more than happy to dip into misogynist bullshit when their buddies are called on their privilege.*

It’s not a sin to be angry.

It’s not a sin to swear a lot.

It’s not a sin to have had friendships sour and projects fail in the past due to clashing personalities.

These things are only sins, and especially only sins for [cis]women, when you buy into basic sexist notions about how [cis]women are meant to be calm and nurturing and maternal and un-combative and reassuring and gentle, and when you believe that a person’s tone and personality and way of expressing herself are valid reasons to ignore the points she’s making.

They’re only sins if you still think “well your mum dresses you funny and no one likes you” is relevant to a discussion of politics and oppression.

Guess what?  They’re not things I feel even slightly like apologising for or being ashamed about.

It is no different to men saying “no one cares about your issue, little woman”.  It is no different to people in positions of authority saying “if you weren’t such a bitch I might listen to you”.  It is no different to every other time someone has tried to destroy progressive movements by saying “look, even normal people don’t agree with you”.

And if you are going to identify as a feminist/progressive blogger and pull this misogynist shit on someone, and refuse to engage with the actual points she’s made in favour of hitting all those well-ingrained social buttons that are meant to make her submit and go away and shut up out of the shame of being labelled Doesn’t Play Well With Others, I only ask you do two things:

a.  Own your massive, throbbing hypocrisy

b.  Fuck off.


*Yes, this post was inspired by your comments, Stef, and I’m sure you’re very proud.  But please do not flatter yourself that you’re the only hypocrite employing behaviour-policing shaming tactics against other [cis]women.  This goes out to y’all.

Men talking good shit about other men talking really shit shit

Another three guys-who-often-write-stuff-I-agree-with pretty much have it covered on the most recent outbreak of “Labour is low in the polls, let’s keep on trying to be National 2.0” fever.

Danyl on Pagani (but see this thread if somewhat-obscure boardgame references are your thing):

Pagani’s strategy – which Labour appears to be following – is to keep almost all of the members of the unpopular government the public was glad to get rid of, endorse National’s policies which are mostly horrible failures, and promote no substantial policy of their own. This has worked about as well as you’d expect it to.

Scott on Pagani:

When did the party of Savage, Kirk and Clark become such a pack of lambs?

I/S on Trotter and Pagani:

Comrade Trotter of course attempts to blame Labour’s woes on it not being racist, sexist, and homophobic enough – which I think tells us more about Trotter’s prejudices than it does about Labour.

With a bonus I/S on Greg Thugface O’Connor:

And if O’Connor is truly representing his members on this, then I think we have a real problem in our police force.

Fear not, tiny readers, there shall be bona fide cuss-filled ranting aplenty coming at you over this approaching Easter break!  But after weekend on weekend of weddings, houseguests, and getting really drunk with awesome feminists I’m a wee bit spent … in the mean time, you could always check out The Stroppery! /shamelessplug

Spoon recovery time

It has been a bit of a last couple of days.  Here’s some emotional release via videos.

I mean, would it kill me to be civil?

The classic It Gets Worse PSA (warning: autoplays) because really, who wants to be on the wrong side of history?

Jon Stewart should probably also watch his tone and ask Tucker Carlson nicely to have a sense of fucking integrity:

And now, let’s just thrash it out with one of the best theme tune covers of all time.