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Hawker the Stalker: Christchurch brothel-bully

You know what probably traumatises kids a hell of a lot more than the existence of a brothel on a street in their neighbourhood?

Seeing their parents having sex.


… Yep, we’ve all been there.

Sex work is legal in New Zealand.  Busybody moralising fucks stalking sex workers and clients fucking shouldn’t be.

Especially moralising fucks who are trying to play the Big Man by threatening people with public shaming who he knows won’t be comfortable defending themselves.

Wayne Hawker, in short, is a fucking bully.

For a more in-depth discussion with the occasional terrible joke, check the Storify.

Weird Tales of Epsom: The foul language in the darkness

A local government candidate has jumped aboard the brothel-hating bandwagon, making it very clear that the Chinese people who are totally running all the shady brothels on Manukau Road (it was in the paper, so it must be true) aren’t really Chinese people.

“It is equally distressing to learn that they were operated by Chinese,” continues Chuang. “They do not seem to understand the Auckland Council’s bylaw and believe their actions are legally acceptable.”

“The Chinese community in general are not supportive of their behaviour, blaming them for ruining our reputation as good citizens and turning Epsom into a red-light district.”

Because the Good (Chinese) Men of Epsom certainly aren’t the ones paying for all that naughty sex.  In the alleged brothels with signage in Chinese out front.

Also, the soundproofing in brothels is just terrible these days.

“Mothers have been complaining about the foul language coming out of the named establishment,” says Bevan Chuang, a local resident and a candidate for the Albert-Eden Local Board election. “They were very distressed with such behaviours in the present of their daughters and friends.”

And when the mothers of Epsom are complaining, you know shit’s about to get real.

Weird Tales of Epsom: the brothel-seeker at the threshold

It’s sex-work-panic season again, and this year’s lucky suburb to get the spotlight as its well-to-do residents clutch their pearls is Epsom, where, horror of horrors:

A cluster of premises offering commercial sex are operating within a kilometre of one another in an upmarket Auckland city-fringe suburb, irking residents and businesses in an area where house prices average over $820,000.

A cluster of premises!  Three places doing the same kind of thing within a kilometre!  Unheard of!

It’s the usual complaints:  not near the children!  We’re a god-fearing community!

Te Unga Waka Marae even blames the three brothels for their parking issues.

Paula Hakaraia, a marae office volunteer worker, said she had noticed an increase in traffic and parking problems between 11am and 3pm.

“These are definitely not cars belonging to mothers picking kids up from school.”

Yes.  Hordes of out-of-zone sex-work clients are clearly the answer.  It cannot have anything to do with the marae sitting on the intersection of Clyde Road and Manukau Road, i.e. a few minutes’ walk from Broadway, Newmarket, a hub of shopping and commerce, business meetings, and good buses for the university students who could only afford rent in the “city-fringe suburbs” if they had a flat kidney-selling roster.

The possibility that Epsom is a good location for brothels because the wealthy dudes of Epsom occasionally like to pay for sex is completely ignored, because they are good people.  You can tell by the way they can afford $820,000 homes.

Let’s face it, there are two “problems” here:  one is that the Concerned Residents of Epsom are, just like Cameron Brewer and Asenati Lole-Taylor and John McCracken, in complete denial about the absolute normalcy of sex work.  The second is that it must seriously offend their sensibilities – and the Herald’s – that lowly brothel-keepers are able to afford Epsom properties.

I say unto the people of Epsom as I have said before to the people of Sandringham and Papatoetoe:  maybe if y’all stopped creating DEMAND there wouldn’t be any fucking SUPPLY.

(Also, as discussed on Twitter, how common can it really be for people to door-knock the wrong place and out themselves as sex-word clients?  Who knocks on a door and says “Is this where I get rimmed for a mutually agreed sum?”)

(Also also, there are some “victims” in this story:  the massage spas which are actually massage spas.  But guess what:  brothels labelling themselves as “massage clinics” has nothing to do with liberalism and everything to do with the same anti-sex-work attitudes on display in this story.)

Oppressing sex workers for tax purposes

So, Dr Cam Calder suddenly thinks that maybe we should licence sex workers.  Not, you know, to impose any kind of onerous bureaucracy, or create new excuses to criminalize them, or anything.  It’s because he’s really, really concerned that sex workers are tax cheats.

List MP Dr Cam Calder says since it is now a legal business, sex workers should pay tax like everyone else.

“So if they need to have a licence, should that be the recommendation of a select committee, and I don’t know what the select committee will recommend, but should they need a licence? Then so be it.

Right.  Just like how we licence every single other casual labourer in the New Zealand workforce.  Because that’s literally the only mechanism we have to make them pay income tax.  And because – despite of course being a tiny minority of filthy deviants with a miniscule pool of deviant creep customers – there are just so many sex workers not paying tax that it’s a far higher priority than, say, tradesmen.

But it’s not the worst idea, I guess.  Why don’t we start by licensing multimillionaires with trust funds?

H/T Scarlet Alliance

Never let the facts get in the way of a good grudge

So, Asenati Lole-Taylor and NZ First have held their mob meeting about the horrors of South Auckland men paying for sex workers.

Telling quote of the day:

[Lole-Taylor’s] comments received cheers and support from the crowd.

But a spokesperson from Streetreach, which provides a confidential support service for those involved in prostitution, was heckled when she said there has been a drop off in the number working the area’s streets.

What?  Facts?  WHO LET FACTS INTO THIS DEBATE?  We’re here to whip up panic and justify our whorephobia, you silly little woman who wants to “support” sex workers instead of publicly shaming them!  Who invited you?

People at the meeting said officials don’t understand the scale of the problem

Because when the agencies supporting sex workers and the Police agree that there isn’t really rampant child sex work taking placing, but one conservative MP whose voter base are kept loyal through judicious panic-mongering says there are, I think we all know who’s on the side of reality.

Here’s a thought, though:  maybe the people attending NZ First’s meeting are better informed about the number of child sex workers on the streets of Papatoetoe.  Because they’re the ones paying to rape teenagers.

I know I harp on about this, but the cognitive dissonance never stops baffling me.  There are sex workers on the streets of South Auckland because the men of South Auckland are paying them for sex.

Maybe Asenati Lole-Taylor is happy to brand a large number of her male constituents as “greasy lowlifes”, but I couldn’t possibly comment.