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Savita Halappanavar asked for a termination

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone, Savita Halappanavar’s medical records show she requested an abortion several times while in hospital.

What does surprise me is that, given people apparently tried to deny this, how that kind of bullshit would fly.

I mean, by that logic, we have to ask: were her doctors literally unaware of the concept of abortion?  Did they literally have no clue that a timely abortion might have been an option to end the miscarriage she was already having (because let’s not let them pretend this was about ~we want to save them both~ bullshit) and potentially stop her developing blood poisoning?  What kind of spotty medical training are they providing in Galway?

Because if that’s the best line that “pro-lifers” can come up with … well, I never want to get sick in Ireland, is all I’m saying.

Banning abortion kills women (sorry, “lets them die”)

This is simply the inevitable outcome of “pro-life” thinking:  denying a woman medical treatment because her foetus – a foetus which is going to die anyway – is more important than she is.

Because “pro-life” attitudes result in laws which value a dying foetus over a live woman.  Because “pro-life” laws create situations where doctors – people who, “pro-lifers” are so fond of telling us, are Sworn To Do No Harm – are so afraid of the legal consequences, so bound by illogical, irrational regulations (and, depending on how you read that “this is a Catholic country” comment, so married to their personal religious beliefs) that they will stand by while a woman goes through incredible pain and dies.

Because hey, the doomed foetus had a fuckin’ heartbeat, people.  And we know how much pro-lifers love heartbeats.  As long as they belong to a foetus, of course, and not a living, breathing, thinking, loved woman.

Who is now dead.  Because antichoicers imposed their morality on her even at the expense of her life in the name of a going-to-die-anyway foetus.

It’s just so fucking ridiculous, so fucking illogical, it almost makes you wonder whether the motivations of “pro-lifers” are really what they claim.

Or, you know, they could just actually hate women.

PS.  Not all women can get pregnant; not all pregnant people are women.

PPS. Oh, and yes, this happens in New Zealand, too.  The circumstances are less clear – maybe a whole lot of doctors simply forgot how to practise medicine well, instead of maliciously endangering a woman’s life for the sake of a foetus – but whatever the case, this should never happen to anyone.

Update: This article gives some more horrifying context to the bullshit situation of abortion in Ireland.