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Antichoicer takedowns: Southland Times letters column edition

ALRANZ have very helpfully been collating information on the ongoing struggle in Southland to allow pregnant people to get proper medical care.  For the positive side of things, here’s a post dedicated to the prochoice side of things.

But we all know I have much more fun with the antis.

Contrary to pro-abortionists’ profound illogic, a woman does not have the right to do what she pleases with her own body. Neither does a man, for that matter.  I am not permitted to use my body to murder or steal

Now, I’m not 100% sure, but I think that’s because when you murder or steal, you’re affecting another born, breathing person, who has a big shiny right to life which doesn’t involve hijacking my entire cardiovascular systems.

One of your recent correspondents wrote very disrespectfully about doctor Norman MacLean.

Because of course when you’re talking about forcing pregnant people into high-risk situations, it’s imperative you be polite.  Especially to old white medical establishment dudes who want to control your body.  That’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years!

At least giving life to her child is some consolation to the mother

Even if she dies in the process!  Or has no capacity to feed and clothe her child!  Oh, wait, that’s right, adoption is the magical solution to everything.  Because the group of people who like to wax lyrical about the sanctity of life and the holiness of the traditional family unit are also the group who think pregnant people should just “wait” nine months (spot another argument put forward by dudes) and then just give away their child and forget it ever happened.  I mean, their job is done, right?  Incubation period over, go on with your life, you filthy slut.

From a letter which actually seems to think “but it’s not compulsory to provide abortions” is some kind of killer argument (you know, maybe Southern DHB thought about this and want to provide their community with needed medical services):

There are actually seven other DHBs in New Zealand whose communities don’t want abortions. Women seeking them are sent elsewhere.

Yes.  And then they run a higher risk of complication due to delays, assuming the delays and travel required don’t prevent them getting an abortion which, just because this seems to be something antichoicers forget, forces a person to undergo a pregnancy they don’t want to, which will affect their health if not kill them.

And of course once again we get the childish fingers-in-ears “nanana I can’t hear you” attitude – you do get that those women are from your community, writer?  That they clearly need that service and maybe that’s why Southern DHB are looking to provide it.

Sorry, no, I forgot, it’s all a vast feminist conspiracy to kill babies.  Because we have that much power.  *looks at continuing broadcasts of Two and a Half Men, cries into gin*

We believe the planned service is contrary to the first statutory purpose of the board to improve and protect the health of the population.

Protecting health … by enforcing delays in medical treatment which increase the risk and desperation of people who need it?  I guess as they haemmhorage to death on hotel room floors in another province, no one in Southland can be held accountable …

[Abortion] has added up to more than 338,961 babies aborted in 30-plus years, or around the population of Christchurch wiped out.
These were potential taxpayers.

No, seriously, I’m not making it up:  These were potential taxpayers.  Fucking feminists, causing the recession with our babykilling ways.  Next time someone mentions raising the superannuation age?  You can blame us.  If only we’d forced 339,000 people to remain pregnant when they didn’t want to be, we’d have flying fucking cars, people.

Is M Sparrow unaware that 877 women were admitted to hospital because of complications after their abortions between 2009 and 2011?
This represents 1047 bed days at the taxpayers’ expense.

“I am so concerned about the sanctity of life that I can only express it in that most sacred of units, the Taxpayer Dollar.”

Childbirth is a proven safer option than abortion.

“I care so much about the Taxpayer Dollar I can’t google basic statistics.”  Or it might be that the statistics are inconvenient.  And a bit fucking scary.

Abortion was an easy and quick option that would have saved her from all the above stress, but she withstood all the pressure and gave me the gift of life.

Wait a second – you mean she chose to keep you?  Wow, you’re right, that’s amazing.  I often consider how awesome it is that my mother chose to have me.

Wouldn’t be such a sweet little story if she’d been locked up in a “home” for wayward women and strapped down to the delivery table, now would it?

In 1939 Germany had evil laws that endorsed the mass gassing of God’s people the Jews. … In New Zealand we have several evil laws that oppose God’s ways.

You know what else the Nazis were really good at?  Trying to control women’s fertility through forced sterilisation!  (In my defence, it’s not a Godwin if they did it first.)

I do desperately want to know what the other “evil laws” are that “oppose God’s ways”.  But I’m pretty sure we could make an accurate list.

It’s in their own words, people:  if you don’t want to continue a pregnancy, you should just shut up and shut down your brain and just toss that baby into the arms of the nearest Loving Christian Family once it comes out.  All babies are blessings, all pregnancies mere inconvenience, and if you must terminate a pregnancy, at least do it in one of those disgusting ungodly DHBs’ territories, would you?  Also, Hitler.

Antichoicers:  it’s hard to believe they try to sell themselves as the compassionate ones, isn’t it?

Full information: Bob McCoskrie would force 11-year-old rape victims to give birth

[Content note: back-alley abortion methods, child sexual abuse]

You might have picked that I’m not in the habit of pulling punches, especially when it comes to fundamentalist, patriarchal bigots who want to reduce people with wombs to passive, ambulatory incubators.

The annual abortion figures for NZ were released yesterday – and to quote ALRANZ:

The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) welcomed figures released today showing a decrease in the number of abortions by 767 to 15,863 in 2011 compared with the previous year. The organization is hopeful that the drop from 16,630 in 2010 is a sign of increased access to contraception and the ability of women to choose the timing, spacing and number of children.

It would be interesting to have some insight into why this drop has occurred – economic conditions?  Disruption to services in Christchurch?  Statistical blip?  Optimistically, better education and access to contraception?  But the one place you know you’re not going to get that is from Bob McCoskrie and His Wonderful Boner:

“Teen abortions account for almost a 1/5th of all abortions in 2011,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “This is a tragedy for the girls involved, some as young as 11.”

First problem:  11-year-olds aren’t teens.  Unless we’ve started pronouncing it “eleveteen”.

Second, actual problem:  68 abortions were performed on people aged 11-14 in 2011.  It’s hardly a raging fucking issue, and you know what a person with a fucking soul would consider the tragedy here, Bob?  That 68 children were raped.  That 68 children had to be given care and help in order to not undergo a pregnancy which at the very least could have had huge physical health risks (we know how little you antichoice pigs actually care about mental health, don’t we?  Or you wouldn’t stand outside hospitals harassing women who for all you know might be there to undergo an “abortion” of a wanted, but unviable, pregnancy.)

And let’s remember, Bob, while you’re acting so thrilled about the drop in abortions, that it may well mean that other children besides those 68 were forced to undergo pregnancy.  Or ended up endangering their lives by employing any one of the many highly dangerous options available to a pregnant person who doesn’t want to be pregnant any more.

I’m just hoping that the fact we haven’t seen news reports of 12-year-old girls found dead in pools of their own blood is because that terrifying “68” figure includes all the children who did not want to be pregnant.

Of course, Bob doesn’t really care about 11-year-old rape victims.  Here’s his answer to our current situation:

Family First NZ is calling for a law which requires informed consent (including ultrasound) for all potential abortions, and counselling to be provided only by non-providers of abortion services. Parental notification of teenage pregnancy and abortion should happen automatically except in exceptional circumstances approved by the court.

To ensure you have full information I’ve translated the above into English:

Family First wants women – including those 11-year-old rape victims – to be bullied into not having abortions, including through further nonconsensual vaginal penetration, and to add another obstacle in the way of people who already know they want abortions – obstacles which will increase the delay and thus the risk of the abortion.  Family First believes children are nothing more than Daddy’s property and think you’re stupid enough to accept that abused children will miraculously be able to attend court dates (plus their five potential doctor’s appointments, plus that “unbiased” counselling) and won’t be at all traumatised by having to explain that they’ve been sexually abused to a bunch of strangers, under pain of being forced to continue an unwanted, dangerous pregnancy.

Hope that clears things up for y’all.

Meanwhile, Family Life International had this to say:

Those that come for healing regarding a past abortion are distressed even years later and realise that they must forgive themselves.

One cannot help but ponder that maybe if judgemental fucks like you didn’t spend your time browbeating pregnant people into feeling like baby-killers that wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Also, irony meter alert:

Where is the voice for these defenceless ones?

YOU DO REALISE YOU’VE JUST ISSUED A PRESS RELEASE, RIGHT?  You do realise that there are TWO antichoice releases in response to these stats compared to ONE prochoice (on Scoop, as at time of writing)?  But hey, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good bit of “we are just like the Christian martyrs persecuted by Nero!!!!” propaganda.

I’m with Dr Healey of ALRANZ:  I would love to see fewer abortions, if it meant that people were educated and empowered and had access to the tools needed to control their own fertility and reproduction.

Bob and Family Life International, on the other hand, want to see fewer abortions because they think 11-year-old rape victims should be forced to be pregnant. (In their language, it sounds more like “but in our idealised 1950s utopia, there is no child sexual abuse because bitches women Know Their Place!!!”)

Only plausible lesson to take from this?  Antichoicers really hate women.  Reeeeeeeally hate us.

(And don’t comprehend anything outside a strict sex/gender binary.)

Antichoicer shockingly fails to provide “full information”

Well, would you look at this little tidbit from the Southland Times, an organ which surely I’d never thought would warrant one, much less two posts from my Wellytown-centric blog …

Dr Norman Maclean, a former Southland Hospital obstetrician and the current chairman of Southlanders for Life group

You mean dear, earnest Norman had some kind of … predetermined bias about abortion? And participates in abortion activism?  And didn’t, like, mention this in his very serious, impartial opinion piece on the matter?

Truly, I am flabberghasted.

*is not actually flabberghasted*

Anyway, the story makes much of a meeting organised against Southland DHB’s decision to consider offering services which pregnant Southlanders already use but, due to travel requirements,face more risk undergoing.

Norman also treats us to more of his deep, manly wisdom:

He accepted there were cases in which abortions were necessary, “but not the 16,000 a year as is the case in New Zealand”.

It’s remarkable, you know.  A retired obstetrician from (pardon my metropolitan attitudes) Bumblefuck, Nowhere can actually tell just by concentrating really hard exactly how many abortions are really needed in NZ (not those ones you have at seven months’ gestation just to fit into your prom dress, you shallow US-antichoice movement straw-woman).  And it just happens to be a smaller number than there are now.  Coincidentally, you understand.  Norman’s psychic powers do not lie.

He believed the number of abortions would increase in the south if the service was provided at Southland Hospital.

Yes.  Because pregnant people would, you know, be able to access the healthcare they need.

Let’s play a little mind-game (I’m a woman, it’s a specialty.)  Let’s say you live in a place where the nearest bottle farmer’s market is a three-hour drive away.  But you do like heirloom tomatoes, so once every month you make the effort to drive over the mountains for a shopping trip.  It costs money and time, you probably don’t have the ready cash to buy a whole month’s tomatoes in one go, but you do without because hey, them’s the breaks.

Then a farmer’s market opens in town.

Does your organic local vegetable consumption go up?


Except that when you’re talking about abortion in Southland, you’re talking about heirloom tomatoes which you may not even be able to admit eating to anyone you know.  You’re talking about taking time off work – and finding childcare, because the majority of tomato-eaters have children already – to stay overnight at the farmer’s market, maybe several times before you get your goddamned amazing heirloom tomatoes.  Which incidentally you need to live because you have a chronic tomato deficiency and having no tomatoes may, at best, just forever damage your physical and mental health, at best kill you.

And you live in a society where lack of tomatoes massively increases your chances of being a victim of domestic violence, of being fired or paid less than your coworkers, of having your behaviour policed by everyone conceited enough to think they’re doing you a favour.

Then one day a farmer’s market opens in your town.

Fucking right you’re eating more tomatoes.  Tomatoes which you always needed anyway but that some old fuckhead who’s never needed tomatoes thinks you should just do without because tomato-eating is an abomination unto Nuggan.

But I’m probably just being a silly little girl, here.  Norman knows what women want (he almost certainly doesn’t comprehend that not all pregnant people are women).  Women want him to make their choices for them – even the choices about which choices they have.


*FYI, current pseudolegal abortion practice in NZ?  Never killed anyone.  Except Pweshus Unbornded Feetusses, of course.

Ready your bingo cards: antichoice opinion in the Southland Times

Courtesy of Bryce Edwards, who thoughtfully compiles and categorises links of Kiwipolitical interest so other people don’t have to, I have come across an absolute doozy of a primer on antichoice rhetoric from the Southland Times.

I will pause for the inevitable Southland jokes.

Abortions breach “do no harm” ethic

OPINION: Norman MacLean explains his opposition to the advent of an abortion service at Southland Hospital, where for 35 years he was an obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Carole Heatly, the chief executive of the Southern District Health Board, says she wishes to “listen to the people”. These words are reassuring but do her actions match her words?

Let me save you reading the … well, frankly tedious and disconnected piece, which goes like this:

Norman knows that providing abortion services at Southland Hospital cannot really be the will of the people, because Norman knows the people, and they all coincidentally agree with his personal viewpoint.

Norman understands that the “distressing situation of young women with an unwanted early pregnancy is very real” requiring “wise counselling, and constructive practical support”.  Unlike silly statisticians, who understand that the median age of people having abortions in NZ in 2010 was 25, and prochoicers, who understand that for someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant, abortion is “constructive practical support”.

Norman recalls a golden age when women in Southland could still get their medical needs seen to in their own reign, when “[in] all cases, additional medical opinions were sought and a panel of doctors made a decision in consultation with the mother and her husband/partner.”  And everyone getting abortions were in monogamous heterosexual partnerships (I think it goes without saying they all presented as cis women.)

Norman understands that even though there are solid (and frankly bullshit) “conscientious objection” allowances built into our current legislation, doing abortions is just icky and wrong and defiles the holy sepulchre that is Southland Hospital.  Which is why all the DHBs which do offer abortion services have been swallowed by hellmouths:

Consider the situation where, in one operating theatre, a termination list is proceeding where unborn babies are being deliberately destroyed, and in the next theatre a caesarean operating list is progressing where babies are being deliberately gently handled and saved.

To be honest, if they’re not shooting cord blood through the doors at each other with water pistols, I fail to see the problem.  But then, I do tend to look on medical procedures as medical procedures.  And I kinda understand how the vast majority of abortions take place long before there’s anything there that you’d want to “gently handle” (56% before week 10, according to those nasty statistics people.)

(Of course, the possibility of a person from Southland undergoing an abortion at a more advanced state of pregnancy is … well, not so much a possibility as a certainty, seeing as they have to travel outside their district to get their health needs seen to.  That’s our Norman, doing what he can to risk women’s lives for their own good.)

(Also, “terminating list”?  Don’t pretend your first thought wasn’t Arnie-related.)

Norman also cites Hippocrates and 2,500 years of “Western medicine” which forbids “the use of killing as a treatment option”.  Which is kind of a hilarious phrase, and also not actually a cut-and-dried interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath.

Anyway, the point is that liberalising abortion is totally positively correlated with child abuse.  In Norman’s head.  It’s not his fault, most antichoicers have a lot of trouble understanding that most human beings can, in fact, tell the difference between a microscopic blob living off another person’s body and a born child.

Wait, no, the point is Mother Theresa.  Also ultrasound, because we can see that foetuses look totally like babies at a stage far beyond the point at which roughly 99% of abortions are performed.  No, the point is:

Science conclusively demonstrates that individual human life begins at conception.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it has.  Remember kids, every time antichoicers say “life begins at conception” they actually mean “God is a mass murdering sadist, because 60-80% of those new lives are going straight into Mummy’s next tampon.”

(See what I did there, Norman?  It’s called a citation.  You need one.)

Let’s round the whole thing out with some classic “abortion causes mental illness” (because antichoicers really, really have a problem understanding that human lives are complex and multilayered … otherwise they’d have a very difficult time remaining antichoice) and some nice patriarchal denouncements:

Liberal abortion is simply not good medicine and this is why many Southlanders are deeply concerned this harmful procedure will be practised within our community.

Because no people from Southland actually get abortions.  It’s just heaps of Canterbury slappers are itching to add a road trip to Invercargill to their next abortion party itinerary.

Now let’s remember:

Mr MacLean was a clinical obstetrician and gynaecologist at Southland Hospital for 35 years and was the clinical director in the department for 10 years, retiring in 2006. He remains working in Invercargill as a senior lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Otago Medical School.

And, one feels almost entirely certain, he’s never actually faced even the possibility of undergoing an unwanted pregnancy.  But that’s okay, it just makes him rational and unbiased.  Norman knows what’s best.  Even if his arguments are lies.


H/T Octavia:

The Court of Appeal (Chambers, Arnold and Stevens JJ) has allowed the [Abortion Supervisory] Committee’s appeal and dismissed [Right to Life’s] cross-appeal.  The Court unanimously held that the law does not recognise or confer a right to life on the unborn child.  Nor had Miller J erred in finding the Committee had properly discharged its function with respect to counselling services

The decisions of certifying consultants involved medical judgment alone.

… The majority quashed Justice Miller’s findings about the lawfulness of abortions.

Fuck.  Yes.

Ken Orr is such a sweetheart

I’m honestly touched by this tribute, people.

we pay tribute to the love and often heroic sacrifice that Mothers make in nurturing new life especially those mothers who rejected abortion and choose life for their unborn child in the face of abandonment by the father, these are truly heroic women.

Do you see that, people?

Ken Orr thinks my mum is truly heroic.

You see, my mum was abandoned by my douchefuck bio-donor (in Orr-speak, “father”) and despite that, and a bunch of fun societal pressure* to not be an evil bludging solo mum, she chose to keep her pregnancy and the resulting me.

And then she was supported by the now-scrapped Training Incentive Allowance to get a university education and build a career** and basically be able to raise the ridiculously awesome baby she chose to keep.

That was pretty heroic, in a nation where pissant little basement-dwellers constantly get media attention bleating about the downfall of Traditional Family Values, all right.

So my hat is off to Ken, for acknowledging the struggles of women like my mum, for being so freaking truly heroic in a society where shitbags like him are continually trying to blame all the evils and abuses and disadvantages on the world on them, and on the 364 days of the year when it’s not politic to praise them, basically calling them evil sluts, because they were given a choice and they chose.

Because that’s what Ken doesn’t really want us to focus on too much.  It is fucking heroic to choose to continue your pregnancy in the face of all the shit you’ll get from people like him.

But being a mother becomes a lot less fucking heroic when there is no choice, when the whole fucking path to giving birth, from choosing when to have sex and with whom and choosing whether and how to use contraception and choosing whether or not to continue or terminate a resulting pregnancy is completely taken out of your fucking hands.

When people like Ken Orr win, the only heroism to be found is in just getting through your fucking life without spiralling into despair at the utter lack of autonomy or basic fucking dignity you are permitted, all on the basis of what some arrogant fucktard says God has condemned you to thanks to the configuration of your gonads.

Because here’s the thing, Ken:

What on God’s earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother.

Just one thing, mate:  to CHOOSE to be a mother.***


*Which I’m sure Ken knows absolutely nothing about.

**Aided by having a stroppy feminist’s lack of compunction about telling little white lies to douchebag employers who ask kinda-illegal questions about whether she had children

***And end questions with question marks.

Well maybe God should pay child support

Well this nearly made me throw the computer out the window.  Couldn’t quite figure out why at first.  Was it the incredibly fake “appreciation” expressed toward kickass activist veteran Dr Dame Margaret Sparrow?*  Was it the gobsmacking pretence that antichoicers and prochoicers just disagree in principle?**

Nah, it was almost certainly this sentence:

The commitment of this Society is founded on a deep respect for the inherent dignity of women who are invited by our Creator to share with him in bringing new life into the world.




But also, grazie, for really just illustrating how little you fucking care for women.  They’re not mistresses of their own destiny, even when they plan and initiate and undergo pregnancy, they’re just helping God out with his greater plan for the species.

The rest is the usual utter pack of fucking lies.  Women never really want to terminate pregnancies!  (Oops.)  Implication that prochoicers don’t care about coerced abortion!  (Oops.)  Baldfaced twisting of Dr Sparrow’s words to pretend that even the standing-down President of ALRANZ secretly agrees with them!  Our laws were totally passed by people who cared about women and weren’t just throwing them a heavily-qualified bone to shut the bitches up!***

All definite signs of a movement driven by sincere ethical concerns, wouldn’t you agree?


*And how much do you reckon it pisses the antichoicers off that we’ve got a freaking Dame onside?

**Hint: one side is known for hacking websites, calling the other murderers, and killing their opponents.  Probably not just an objective difference of opinion going on.

***Which is of course why our current fairly-accessible system is only working because of doctors willing to bend the letter of the law, of course.  Which Right to Foetus Life want to stop.

Typical parenting practices

[TW for child abuse and Bob McCoskrie]

… now apparently include tying a child to your wrist and washing his or her mouth out with soap.

Thus speaketh Bob McCoskrie, defender of families if by “families” we mean “the right of men to use violence to control their partners and children”. [ETA: updated link because Stuff doesn’t believe in archiving]

The lesson to take home from here?  This is why we do not fucking compromise.  We do not fucking say “this law is wrong and we will repeal it, full stop”, and when faced with a barrage of patriarchal and religious fundamentalist abuse, say “okay then, let’s make it a bit softer so the mainstream [who have been convinced by fucking liars like Bob McCoskrie] think it’s okay.”

Because all you get is a law under which this shit continues to fucking happen.

Just to round out the fuckwittery, Bob added this to a media release exported directly from his basement:

Family First NZ* says that parenting is being put on trial as a result of the anti-smacking law, and that it is being used as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in custody battles

Ignoring the really shitty grammar which seems to imply that parenting is the WMD … what the fuck.

Bob, this may come as a surprise to you since your entire life is focused on your own navel and complaining that bitches need to get back in the kitchen and kids need to be seen and not heard … but WMDs are fucking awful things with a capacity to kill and maim millions of people.

Not, in fact, in any way comparable to “shit that your ex might bring up in a custody battle”.

And frankly, if I had an ex who had forcibly shaved my child’s head as a punishment (there are absolutely no bad connotations there at all) and washed his mouth out with soap you fucking bet I would raise that shit in a custody case.

… And since the parent was fucking acquitted anyway, why the fuck are YOU complaining?

Oh, right.  Because this has never actually been about ensuring that actual child abuse get investigated properly.  It’s about investigating child abuse except when the parents doling it out are good, white, middle-class people who sometimes like to punch their kids in the face, in which case the police and CYF should just assume that nothing could have happened because to even check that shit out is a horrific abuse of power or something.


*Membership:  Bob McCoskrie and his boner.

Letters from a New Zealand basement: opposing opposition to opposers

Bob McCoskrie needs to give fellow basement-dweller Ken Orr some lessons in media release structure.  But his latest one is such a perfect example of antichoice bullshit it’s hard to pass up (even if it gets downright offensive at the end).

Right to Life supports legislation that recognises the humanity and personhood of the unborn child as a member of the human family that is endowed with an inalienable right to life and is deserving of respect and protection.

Firstly, dude, employ some fucking commas.  Is the unborn babby the thing which is endowed (phwoar) or the “human family”, whatever the fuck that means?

Second, foetus =/= person.*  And even if it were, no person has the right to occupy another’s body and live off their organs.**  No actual “right to life” codified in any law I know of actually permits enslaving other people via biological hookup.

Right to Life believes that the majority of New Zealanders support protecting the right to life of unborn children.

I believe in fairies.

The killing of unborn children the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family in the womb, is a violation of the human rights of unborn children.

That would be those rights we’ve established no human, born or undead unborn, have, right?  But let’s never let the facts get in the way of trying to play people’s emotions with a string of irrelevant adjectives – after all, if you have to remind people that ickle babby feeetusses are Vulnerable and Weak and Helpless, you may have just acknowledged you’re on the losing side of this battle.

It is also a violation of the human rights of women who deserve respect and protection for their child in the womb.

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion, folks:  women deserve respect so much that we have to take away their ability to choose to undergo a medical procedure.  And Right to Life Ken Orr and his boner respect women so much they think stubby-limbed fish-beings pweshus babbies take precedence over those women’s lives and desires and bodies.

The” right to choose” is a cruel lie,there is no human right that permits us to choose to kill another human being.

Except … that pregnancy can and does kill women.  Pregnancy is in fact nine times more likely to kill a woman in New Zealand than an abortion.  But because Ken respects incubators women so much he thinks they should die in order that stubby fish-beings might live.

So … Ken thinks “unborn children” do have a right to life which necessitates killing living, breathing, thinking human people.  I mean, ambulatory uteri.

You might think that’s a bit extreme, surely the antichoice movement understands that sometimes pregnancy can be really dangerous to women’s health, even fatal.   Surely they’re reasonable enough to allow that some abortions are necessary to save women’s lives.

Oops, no.  Mind you, that was a Catholic case, they’re a totes minor voice in the antichoice movement.

ALRANZ, the spokesman for a culture of death, with a national membership of less than 200, does not represent the views of women and ordinary New Zealanders, its proposal to decriminalise abortion is a threat to the wellbeing of women.

Lessons learnt:

  1. ALRANZ is a person (specifically, a man)*** with a really cool single name, like Cher or Prince
  2. Ken Orr can’t convince anyone to come down to his basement to proofread his press releases
  3. “Women” and “ordinary New Zealanders” are distinct, separate groups in Right to Life’s world.

ALRANZ knows that before we can decriminalise abortion we must first deny the humanity of unborn children.

Wait for it …

The decriminalising of abortion would be a denial of the humanity and personhood of the unborn child.

Wait for it ….

The denial of the humanity of Negroes gave us slavery.

That’s just the appetizer …

The denial of the humanity of Jews gave us the Holocaust.

BOOM!  Godwinned it!

Yep, the all-time classic Abortion Is Just Like The Holocaust argument.  Which for a start ignores some pretty complex political and social considerations around the situation in 1930s Germany/Western Europe (hint: Hitler was not the only person who wasn’t too keen on Semitic folk) but also just reveals the basic weakness of the antichoice side:  they have to resort to absurd emotive “arguments” designed to make people flinch and say “oh no that’s terrible!” instead of actually relying on fact, or logic, or, well, anything.

It’s also kind of hilariously ironic that Judaism is pretty down with the abortion rights, given that whole “first breath” test for personhood.  Hilarious that is if Right to Bonerlife weren’t exploiting genocide to shock people into not thinking.

See, when you have to actually rely on the horrors of the Holocaust to win people over, because the actual reality of abortion isn’t good enough … you and your boner are pretty screwed, right?

Let’s not forget the slippery slope argument for good measure:

If today we allow the denial of the human rights of unborn children by the decriminalisation of abortion, which vulnerable section of our community will be next?

I’m thinking hipsters, or maybe people who still subscribe to the Sunday Star-Times.  Oh, wait, except they’re all born, autonomous beings who aren’t using a woman’s breath, blood and organs to survive.  Damn.


*It’s a guppy!

*Any antichoicers who want to prove this is all about controlling women by commenting about how “women bring it on themselves when they have sex” should feel absolutely welcome to do so.

**And doesn’t that just tell you plenty about Right to Bodysnatch’s worldview?

Keep obstacles on abortion – for Bob McCoskrie’s boner

Family First NZ* is rejecting calls for a law which treats women like adults with decision-making capabilities from a badass gathering of awesome feminists this weekend.

“I and my boner support a law which forces women in emotionally fraught situations to view unnecessary ultrasounds and be fed bullshit about widdle babbie feets because we think women are fucking idiots.  Parental notification should be mandatory because teens are filthy sluts and their daddies need to rule over them,” said Mr McCoskrie.

“While we acknowledge we already have “virtual” decriminalisation we don’t want to acknowledge that women and their doctors will always find a way to get the healthcare they need, because that would take away our ability to chip away at women’s rights.

“Abortion harms women by stopping them from being forced into motherhood for children they don’t want, which helps us keep them poor, uneducated and unable to actual determine the own courses of their lives,” McCoskrie continued.  “Men and their boners can determine that for them.”

A University of Otago study showed a lot of women became depressed and anxious after having abortions.

“Obviously we’ve made great progress but we can do more,” said McCoskrie.  “Family First wants to take personal responsibility for creating a culture of fear and stigma around abortion, and we will not rest until every woman feels ashamed and terrified of publicly acknowledging that she has taken control of her own fertility.”

“We want to protect unborn children.  They’re the best tools we have for keeping the bitches down.”

Family First may be contacted at Bob McCoskrie’s basement.  His boner is available for screwing basic human rights and children’s parties.


*Membership:  Bob McCoskrie and his boner