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Insert emergency post!

Due to a lack of things making me want to swear a lot (it’s Easter!  There was a Mythbusters marathon on Discovery!) here’s a random macro post spontaneously generated to ensure I keep up my daily posting schedule.



Fear The Refrigerator.  BMI 43, motherfuckers.


I am so not going to tell you about my week.  Because it’s over, and I don’t care what Battlestar Galactica has to say about the circular nature of time.  Although I am watching DS-9 all over again …

So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and fall blissfully into Avery Brooks’ deeply intense stare.

(This post brought to you by my slight fixation on posting daily.  I haven’t dropped the ball yet, dammit!  And also I’m still on season 1 DS-9 and am craving Beardy!Sisko.)