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The War on Gay Teens addendum: and us liberal bastards too

Because my last post on the matter was getting a little verbose, I wanted to take some extra time to address those closer to home.

There’s a lot, in the Rolling Stone article, about the teachers who, in fear for their jobs and livelihoods and reputations, went along with the stupid, contemptible, evil “No Homo Promo” (vom) policy in schools.  A policy which was, in all likelihood deliberately, not explained (because once you explain things, you create loopholes, and we can’t have that.)  Which led to gay teachers staying in the closet, English classes avoiding gay authors or books dealing with anything vaguely challenging to the heteronormative order, senior teachers ignoring homophobic bullying.

I can sympathize, to an extent.  A lot less so on that last point, because even if you can’t say “don’t call other kids that word” (seriously) you at least have to hope that the fundy fuckers will have difficulty spinning “stop punching that kid” as a “promotion” of the “gay lifestyle”.

But then again, maybe they won’t.

Because (and let’s remember this article was specific to a small region of the USA, so we can always hope things ain’t so bad in fluffy-bunny New Zealand) maybe those fundies have found themselves in a position to scream “satanism” or “corruption” or “immorality” at anything that takes their fancy, because good ol’ liberals have refrained from calling that shit out.

Because somehow a bizarre bit of “logic” has become received wisdom:  we can’t call out the fundies on their shit, because saying “I personally don’t believe Jesus was all about condemning men/women to hell for loving the cock/the vag” will somehow, magically, mean we look anti-morals.  We look anti-religion.  We look like … we’re okay with gay people.

How the fuck did anyone come to believe that bit of bullshit?

But hey, we see it all the time.  Phil Goff has to attend Family First’s annual judge-in and has to pick his words carefully when asked about people’s basic human rights, because oh, we’ve got to show we’re open-minded and willing to listen to everyone.  Barack Obama has to continually let the Republicans force anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-reproductive freedom amendments through at every opportunity, because oh, we have to be bi-partisan and find common ground.  I have to stop criticising Working for Families and subliminal bludger rhetoric coming from the Leader of the Opposition because oh, the alternative is so much worse.

There is no common ground with people who, as I subtly hinted in my last post, are evil fucking liars.  There is no fucking point to pursuing magical consensus-building bi-partisanship with people who continually screw whatever concessions they can from you and don’t actually give anything back in return.

And we have to stop pretending that getting kicked in the teeth and letting people’s basic self-determination slip away because gods forbid we say something mean, the media won’t like it! is any kind of “progressive” “social justice” “humanitarian” move.  We have to demand better of liberal politicians, better of the people who claim to stand for the underdog, the less-privileged, the marginalized.

We’re liberals, people.  The media is owned by Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner.  They’ll hate us no matter what we do (and our state-owned television will follow them down the ratings-driven-by-pointless-drama rabbithole).  So if we’re condemned to go down, can we at the very least go down fighting and take some of those wankers with us?

Typical parenting practices

[TW for child abuse and Bob McCoskrie]

… now apparently include tying a child to your wrist and washing his or her mouth out with soap.

Thus speaketh Bob McCoskrie, defender of families if by “families” we mean “the right of men to use violence to control their partners and children”. [ETA: updated link because Stuff doesn’t believe in archiving]

The lesson to take home from here?  This is why we do not fucking compromise.  We do not fucking say “this law is wrong and we will repeal it, full stop”, and when faced with a barrage of patriarchal and religious fundamentalist abuse, say “okay then, let’s make it a bit softer so the mainstream [who have been convinced by fucking liars like Bob McCoskrie] think it’s okay.”

Because all you get is a law under which this shit continues to fucking happen.

Just to round out the fuckwittery, Bob added this to a media release exported directly from his basement:

Family First NZ* says that parenting is being put on trial as a result of the anti-smacking law, and that it is being used as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ in custody battles

Ignoring the really shitty grammar which seems to imply that parenting is the WMD … what the fuck.

Bob, this may come as a surprise to you since your entire life is focused on your own navel and complaining that bitches need to get back in the kitchen and kids need to be seen and not heard … but WMDs are fucking awful things with a capacity to kill and maim millions of people.

Not, in fact, in any way comparable to “shit that your ex might bring up in a custody battle”.

And frankly, if I had an ex who had forcibly shaved my child’s head as a punishment (there are absolutely no bad connotations there at all) and washed his mouth out with soap you fucking bet I would raise that shit in a custody case.

… And since the parent was fucking acquitted anyway, why the fuck are YOU complaining?

Oh, right.  Because this has never actually been about ensuring that actual child abuse get investigated properly.  It’s about investigating child abuse except when the parents doling it out are good, white, middle-class people who sometimes like to punch their kids in the face, in which case the police and CYF should just assume that nothing could have happened because to even check that shit out is a horrific abuse of power or something.


*Membership:  Bob McCoskrie and his boner.