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Only a woman

At first, this media release inspired me to write a big screed about how the real “charade” is the one where Right to Life call themselves Christians.  But then I read on:

Only a man can make a woman a mother and a wife and only a woman can make a man a father and a husband.

There was only one option left to me, dear readers.

Waitangi Day

Happy national holiday, people.

Wherever you are, I hope you are ignoring whatever massively racist shit John Ansell or his buddies have posted online/got published in the fair-and-balanced mainstream media, and kicking back with friends and/or family in the sunshine with a cold beverage of your choice.

It’s also Bob Marley’s birthday.  Legend was basically the road-trip cassette tape of my childhood (so long ago I’ve forgotten how to spell “cassette”, thanks spellcheck!) so have some nostalgic music to get you through.