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Sex workers also never send me biased surveys, unlike the PM

… but then I guess Prime Minister-ing isn’t a business, so Auckland Council won’t be clutching their pearls over it.

Like many people, I today received a wonderfully personal piece of mail from my local Nat, with a lovely little survey because the National Party are very, very interested in my views, specifically my views as a likely mortgage-holder, given how they spin the Promised Land of Returntosurplus:

Operating in surplus helps keep mortgage rates lower for longer.

Seriously, that’s the first sentence after the heading “Getting back to surplus.”  I guess the old lines about Spending Within Our Means and Running A Country Like A Household were getting old and tired so John Key traded them in for a younger, peppier trophy slogan.

Anyway, the fun bit is obviously the survey.  Clearly in consultation with Larry Baldock Serious Survey Creators they’ve carefully tailored the questions and options given to ensure a fair, unambiguous result.  Like when they ask you to “tick the three issues that are important to you” – because you obviously can’t be focusing on more than three things at a time, peasant – and your options include:

Selling minority shares in four energy SOES and Air New Zealand

Raising achievement and accountability in schools

and my personal favourite

Rolling out ultra-fast broadband and investing in roads and rail

Oh, so sorry, you want kids to do better at school but don’t give a fuck about scaremongering Teacher Unions Eat Babies myths?  Too bad!  You’re maybe okay with a little partial energy privatisation – I mean, Labour is, for fuck’s sake – but you really don’t want to risk a return to ridiculous airfares?  Too bad!

And above all, don’t you fucking dare think that we could maybe look at some basic IT infrastructure without building ROADS.  MORE ROADS FOR STEVE JOYCE! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOADS andalsosomerail.

You’re then asked about the most important local issue to you – presumably to justify slapping Local Nat MP’s face on the front – and finally, which party you always, or usually, support.  Where your choices include all political parties with at least one MP in Parliament … except Mana.

I guess they just ran out of space.

Te Mana follow up and continuing fail

So, first up: clarification on Te Mana’s non-existent policy on reproductive rights which is due to be released in the undefined future.

The fact that this finally got responded to when a dude asked the question?  Irony not escaping me.

The fact the answer is still surrounded by a bunch of Mana supporters whinging THERE ISN’T A POLICY, WHY DON’T YOU SHUT UP, YOU’RE HURTING THE MOVEMENT?  Is just … well, depressingly reminiscent about asking Labour about policy, to be honest.

But before they got there, there was this.  The awesomely waffley, refusing-to-take-sides, ever-so-slightly-whinging complaint that a moderator was expected to moderate shit and why couldn’t you all just get along.  Complete with insisting that no one could be moderated until the admin themselves had gone through the threads because they just hadn’t seen the whole huge flaming “whores/lezos/demon seed” thread going down on their own page.  Which .. is nicely reminiscent of every other instance of The Powers That Be in a given situation refusing to believe women’s experiences.

For bonus point, you get a bunch of people experiencing that wondrous 21st century epiphany that maybe posting abusive shit under your real name on Facebook on a public page isn’t such a good idea, and it’s so unfair for people to … accurately report a person’s statements via screenshot.

So this is still a big fail mark with me.  You cannot let queries go unanswered for a whole business day, especially when those queries are being answered abusively by people claiming the mana to represent your voice and state your stance.

You cannot respond to hateful shit like that by waffling about good faith and not descending into personal abuse without clearly acknowledging that one side of the argument turned to personal abuse against the other.  You just cannot play “both sides contributed” when one side said “what’s your policy” and the other said “shut up you sick lezos”.  It’s just fucking gutless at the very least.

And to any Mana-Facebook-likers out there who want to whinge about people criticising Mana’s use of social media, and how dare we use this issue to raise points about their management of social media?

You want to know what looks awesome to a mainstream media already spinning a story about Te Mana being radicals, scary, extremists, unfocused, useless?  Letting undecided voters get shat on on your Facebook page and not being willing to take a fucking stand on something as basic as “do not call people whores and accuse them of bad faith when they ask policy questions”.

Time to show if you care about women, Mana

It’s a bit shit for a political party to have a Facebook page, ostensibly to reach out to potential voters, and then leave it unmoderated so that said potential voters, when asking questions about your policy, can be called “whores” and “lezos” by your supporters, n’est-ce pas?

Your move, Mana.

PS. Please don’t just delete-and-pray, though, the screenshot finger is twitchy tonight.

PPS.  Just let Sue Bradford at him and all hope will be restored.

PPPS.  More thoughts at The Storyteller Project.

Prediction corner: election aftermath edition

This isn’t directed at anyone specific, but suffice it to say that if National forms the next government, I will swear off alcohol for a month if no one in the lefty Kiwi blogosphere makes a post about how it’s all Mana’s fault and Ralph Nader Epsom voters RAM Hone Harawira screwed everything up for Labour and if only everyone else on the left / in the social justice movement had stood aside and waited their turn, and at least half the National voters had woken up / paid attention / used their brains / not been so stupid, it would all have been all right.

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