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Monday warm fuzzies: John Banks’ memory edition

Seriously, people, just bask in the glory of John Banks, who apparently couldn’t remember where a $15,000 donation from Sky City came from, who apparently couldn’t remember flying in a helicopter to meet Kim Dotcom in his palatial estate, sticking this at the top of a press release:

Could David Shearer Really Be This Financially Incompetent?

Maybe it’s performance art.  You know, because when John Banks is questioning your financial competency, etc.

Dear Epsom voters: please elect Colin Craig

All I’m saying is, should Banks get kicked out on his ass over being an allegedly horrifically corrupt douchewad, and whatever the result we’ll still have two and a half more years of political buffoonery to endure, can we at least make the National-led government reliant on someone who uses Maire Claire polls as a basis for policy?

No prosecution for the *sigh* “teapot tapes”

Via NRT:

The police have decided not to charge freelance journalist Bradley Ambrose over the “teapot tape”. Despite that, they’re still claiming that his actions were unlawful. Which raises the questions: if his actions were so unlawful, why have they decided not to charge him?

I think the cops are on a hiding to nothing, here.  I mean, we’re all well aware that if there were any solid evidence against Ambrose, they would’ve gathered it illegally and then just got Parliament to retrospectively make it OK, right?

In all seriousness, this photo at The Standard sums up my feelings on this whole scandal from day one.  Who the fuck seriously buys that this was a “private conversation”?  How utterly disingenuous do you have to be to cry when you stage the most openly calculating of public conversations and get recorded?  And the eternally-unanswered question, how little political nous (and/or arrogance) do you have to have to do that and then discuss anything besides the lovely weather we’ve been having lately and aren’t those Warriors doing well?

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The idea that there are people in this country that have been elected to positions of power over me that genuinely think I should go to hell (literally and figuratively) for who I am makes me feel sick. What makes me feel not just sick but terrified, is that given the chance these people would enshrine their beliefs in legislation which would actively reshape my life without my consent. And what better chance do you get than to be a Member of Parliament?

People (and there are many) who choose to dismiss and laugh at John Banks being re-elected are well within their rights to do so, I wish I could myself.