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2009: A Space Sleep-In

So my posting record has been totally abysmal for the beginning of the year. The only big thing in the news is Israel/Palestine, and … oh boy do I not want to go there. I recommend No Right Turn’s posts on the matter.

And then there’s that university work I’m meant to be finishing off … but *after* I get the first good night’s sleep of the year.

Maybe I DO just lack a sense of humour

But maybe not.

Mike Moreu is a cartoonist for local rag The DomPost.* His blog profile on Stuff says

Mike Moreu is a full-time editorial cartoonist with a passion for using funny pictures to make serious points.

Which would seem a fairly textbook description of a political cartoonist, yes?

So I can only assume I’m missing a) the funny and b) the point:

"Two sides of the same coin"

"Two sides of the same coin"

It’s, um, funny because people are dead. Specifically, Israeli people? And, um, the implied irony of Israelis releasing live prisoners and Hizbollah executing prisoners is, I guess, really hilarious? Or just smirk-worthy? And the point … is that Hizbollah are bad and Israel is totally morally in the clear with regard to Middle Eastern conflict? Wow, what breathtaking insight. What an amazing, incisive depiction of complex situations that’s truly made me think about the situation in a new light – oh, sorry, no, my actual response was “Wow, if we’re just going to incite more conflict, could we at least have some kind of punchline?”

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