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I love social media fail: English Defence League edition

Linked from a comment on The Standard in an explodey thread which I have declared anathema:

Tommy Robinson took a few seconds on Sunday evening to make an observation about Twitter’s homepage. “Welcome to twitter homepage has a picture of a mosque,” he wrote. “What a joke #creepingsharia.” Of course, Tommy isn’t just any old tweeter, but the co-founder of the English Defence League, a far-right protest group. Tweet posted, Robinson no doubt wandered off to do other Sunday evening things; maybe plan a rally or two.

Tommy forgot three very important lessons:

  • Twitter is full of liberal pranksters
  • Some of them will follow racist wankers like you just for lulz
  • Hashtags allow them to gather all their mockery of you in one place

Given all that, it might be advisable in future not to set the stage for them.

See the original article for some utterly splendid responses to Tommy’s silly little hate-moment.  I’m particularly a fan of:

Alcohol is not available at my children’s primary school #creepingsharia