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Oil and colonialism: what’s happening at #Elsipogtog

The people of the Elsipogtog First Nation have, for weeks, been standing in the way of a petrochemical company’s wish to frack their land.  In both senses of the term.  Fracking will fuck up their water supply and endanger their treaty-guaranteed rights to live of their land.  They’ve protested peacefully.  This week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent in camo’d snipers.

And the “mainstream” media didn’t give much of a fuck until persons unknown set fire to RCMP cars.  Which just handily provided an excuse to start making arrests.

This is a story which is played out all the time.  It’s a story about global capitalist interests running roughshod over people who have been systematically fucked over for generations and who aren’t expected to be able to resist.  They do.  And we should – at the very least, from the other side of the world, where it’s hard to “do” anything to actually help – know about it.

Elsipogtog: “Clashes” 400 years in the making

Al-Jazeera’s stream of the coverage on social media