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I am no longer Trevor Mallard

I originally made this post in jest.  You can head over to Scott Yorke’s place to see why I don’t find it particularly humorous any more.

Just a few brain-still-trying-to-figure-out-what-the-fuck comments:

Taxing people “almost to breaking point”?  “Refuses to”?  Josie Pagani had a big rant about how there’s no “right wing propaganda machine” … clearly a point of view held by people so deep inside said machine they can’t see the big RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA MACHINE labels all over the outside of it.

Labour: now the party of people who listen to talkback radio.  Because that’s a huge demographic.  Any day now Michael Lhaws is going to appear on their party list and we’re not even going to be surprised.  I just hope it happens after Cunliffe decamps to form an actual liberal left party.

Further points:  “At the risk of being treated like Josie” – nice pre-emptive martyrdom plea there, Trev.  Because it must be so hard for Josie Pagani, being able to make utterly ludicrous political statements under her own name in mainstream newspapers backed up by the [currently] second-biggest party in Parliament.  So hard.

Also: COMIC FUCKING SANS.  If nothing else, you’d think that would tip a social media guru like Mallard to the thoughts contained therein being entirely composed of crap.

Dibs being Trevor Mallard’s sockpuppet!

Lesson for the day, kiddies:

Saying you’d consider docking a tax credit to [in-work] families to pay for earthquake recovery is just a completely political-context-free statement.

Criticising that statement for unnecessarily politicizing the earthquake aftermath is policitizing the earthquake aftermath.

Thus spake Cactus Kate.  Also:  as a Standard guest poster, am I also a Labour MP in disguise, or maybe a Green?*

Tim Watkin has a nice take on this … up till the point where he demonstrates a lack of understanding as to the difference between anonymous and pseudonymous blogging.

But then I feel somewhat safe assuming Tim has never seen his blogging result in losing a high-profile job, victim blaming, rape threats,** death threats, or having people call your local police station demanding a copy of your rape report.

Gee, why would an angry feminist like me, writing in the 4-million-people-2-degrees-of-separation land of NZ “hide” behind a pseudonym given all that?***


*Internet cookies to whoever creates an OKCupid poll to determine this.

**Oh, what do you know, a link about a Kiwi bloggerdouche targeting a Kiwi feminist blogger. Quelle surprise.

***Because I’m actually Trevor Mallard, duh.  Our styles are so similar.