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Random recommended reading

Metiria Turei out-geeks John Banks.  It’s not difficult, but it is funny.

Alison McCulloch again pool-shots it out of the park on Policing Pregnancy.

Manboobz on Seth MacFarlane’s beyond-obnoxious Oscars hosting. Trigger warnings for racism, sexual assault, sexism, and Seth MacFarlane.

Family First can’t even get their own polling to come out against marriage equality.  H/T Russell Brown.  And of course FF’s press release on the topic fails to trumpet that anti-equality feeling is dominant in the male/over 60 demographics.

Chris Rock on minimum wage, via Atheist Pinko Sluts Monthly.

Smile, Sizeist! is a new Tumblr documenting the very real, very violent shit that fat people are subjected to.

Rape culture is when the police coerce rape victims into withdrawing complaints to make their stats look better.  And I’ve only just finished watching season 3 of The Wire.

Your daily moment of rage

They’ve remade Edge of Darkness.

With Mel. Fucking. Gibson.

I am going to find the perpetrator of this obscenity and unleash the wrath of Gaia on them.

Fortunately I have the original on loan from a cultured and tasteful friend so I’m just going to go scrub the evil from my brain.

A post on the Te Papa/menstruation thing shall follow.

And of course they’ve fucking made the main character a fucking American fucking fuck.