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Post 800!

We interrupt your regular programming to note the momentous occasion of the publication of Superbowl Post DCCC of Ideologically Impure.

bert mind blown

800 posts.  All on my lonesome.  Ain’t that a thing?

It took four years to get from 1 to 400, and … SEVENTEEN FREAKING MONTHS to get from 400 to 800.  At this rate I’ll reach W****O** rates of posting by 2024, right before we close the gap with Australia.

Achievement unlocked!

My last post was #400 for Ideologically Impure.  Post #1 was made on April 26, 2008, which seems like a lifetime ago, and I expressed the wistful hope that people might one day read it.

Well, even accounting for the sheer volume of porn-related search terms I get hits from (the lesson being to not be so unladylike, and especially not entitle a post “Fuck you and the horse you rode in one“*) I think it’s safe to say I’ve got readers.  I’ve even had trolls!  Hatemail!  Guest posts on other, far bigger blogs which generated fantastic numbers of comments about how men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses want to smash the patriarchy.

I think it’s been a success so far.  So thanks for stopping by!  I ain’t going anywhere.


*Still mad, by the way, ALAC.

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Today, gentle readers, Ideologically Impure is three years old.

Okay, enough of the gratuitous Portal references.*

It all started all those years ago with And thus … a blog.  I was really just looking for a place to vent my spleen away from Bookface or Livejournal, and I guess I hoped someone would read it eventually.  And apparently you do!

Since then, I’ve guestposted at The Standard, helped contribute to and host the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival, and most recently kicked off a badass new collective Kiwi feminist blog, The Stroppery, with some lovely co-angry bitches.

I’ve pissed off Chris Trotter and Deborah Coddington and Ian Wishart, which I hadn’t even realised until it happened was one (three?) of my life goals.

To shamelessly thief an idea from The End is Naenae, the top ten posts at Ideologically Impure over its time have been:

  1. Pippa Wetzell resigns from TVNZ (sadly, fully establishing the inability of middle New Zealand to comprehend satire, or how blogs work)
  2. I am a woman and I enjoy sex
  3. Just fuck you, ALAC.  Fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on (sadly, no doubt bumped up due to far too many horse-porn fans on the Google)
  4. Who needs identity politics?
  5. Why chicks dig “jerks”
  6. Schrödinger’s Privilege
  7. Abortion reform:  all about destroying The Left
  8. Newlands College to be awarded Grand Woman-Shaming Prize at secret Patriarchy Conference
  9. Fuck rugby culture
  10. This is what this feminist looks like

A nice grab-bag of my favourite issues, really.

Onwards and upwards!


*Note:  Queen of Thorns rejects the notion that there is an upper limit to gratuitous Portal references.

And thus … a blog

It’s been a rather aggravating week for me on the ‘Net. If it wasn’t geeks trying to get free grope rights, or yet another shitfight breaking out on the feminist/WOC blogs, or various media deciding to be gratuitously offensive and hypocritical all in one go … well, not a good week. Thus, a blog. Not my personal day-to-day yammerings, but a place I can use to lay out my ideas and random philosophizing. With luck, other people may actually read it!