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I’d thank the Academy except they are overly politicised and keep giving awards to boring films

I may be a bit of a monster truck, and I may be a shrieking harpy, and I may be an utter, utter bitch.  But I have some fucking wonderful folk in my bloglife and I’d like to just give them a shout-out or two.

Thank you to Octavia and Megan and Boganette and Steph and Robot Pie and – whoever obvious I probably missed out – for being a rocking coven of feministy awesomeness and the best drinking buddies a TOFO dress can buy.

Thank you to Lew, for occasionally doing this brilliant thing where he leverages being a Serious Man Blogger into an Anti-Tone-Argument Shield* in my defence.

Thank you to McFlock, whom I don’t know from a bar of soap but would happily buy a DB, or a real drink if that’s what floated McFlock’s boat.  (Aaaand now I have “how many boats could a McFlock float if a McFlock could float boats” stuck in my head.  Hopefully y’all do, too.)

A late 8am contender:  thank you, thank you, thank you to Idiot/Savant, for having a memory like a steel trap and like Lew using his Serious Male Voice to support the cause.

Thank you all, peeps.  From the bottom of my loud ranty fuck-saying heart.


+4 AC bonus, -10 comment check penalty, 50% chance of misogynist derail failure