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Stuff fail o’ the day II: side effects say what?

Actual headline:

Pill influences women’s love choices

Actual screenshot of frontpage teaser:

Actual lead sentence:

It gave us sexual freedom, but the pill may affect who women choose to shack up with.

Actual description of study:

The study of 2500 women from around the world found those who met their partner while on the pill were less satisfied with the sexual element of their relationship but more satisfied with non-physical elements – so less likely to separate.

But don’t get comfy, ladies, because the fact your relationship is built on more than sheer sexual attraction still means you are DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED.

However, growing sexual dissatisfaction could eventually tip that “delicate balance” and trigger a separation – especially if the woman was no longer taking the pill.

Because women are whores, see, thus when they stop taking the pill they realise that despite having been attracted to you by virtue of your sweetness and intellect and loyalty, all they really want is dick.  Dick dick dick dick dick.

Actual scientific fact mentioned nowhere in the article:  sometimes the Pill lowers libido!  Wait, no, I’m sure that’s not something any ethical researcher might want to control for or anything.  And sometimes two people might really be into each other but not be satisfied with the sex, and – brace yourself – breaking up over that “imbalance” might actually be the logical, adult, mature thing to d!

Wait, no, I forgot, staying in a relationship which leaves you unhappy and unfulfilled, in which you grow increasingly bitter but feel trapped because you’re constantly bombarded with messages about the tragedy of singlehood and how you’ll never find Mr Right, you picky bitch … is totally the healthy thing to do.

Actual advice given by researchers:

However, if they were really worried about the influence of the pill on how they felt about their partner, they could always stop taking it for a few months to reassure themselves.

You know what totally spices up my sex life?  The constant fear of unplanned pregnancy and the anticipation of exciting new side effects during a medication switch! WOOOOOOOO!

Ken Orr is such a sweetheart

I’m honestly touched by this tribute, people.

we pay tribute to the love and often heroic sacrifice that Mothers make in nurturing new life especially those mothers who rejected abortion and choose life for their unborn child in the face of abandonment by the father, these are truly heroic women.

Do you see that, people?

Ken Orr thinks my mum is truly heroic.

You see, my mum was abandoned by my douchefuck bio-donor (in Orr-speak, “father”) and despite that, and a bunch of fun societal pressure* to not be an evil bludging solo mum, she chose to keep her pregnancy and the resulting me.

And then she was supported by the now-scrapped Training Incentive Allowance to get a university education and build a career** and basically be able to raise the ridiculously awesome baby she chose to keep.

That was pretty heroic, in a nation where pissant little basement-dwellers constantly get media attention bleating about the downfall of Traditional Family Values, all right.

So my hat is off to Ken, for acknowledging the struggles of women like my mum, for being so freaking truly heroic in a society where shitbags like him are continually trying to blame all the evils and abuses and disadvantages on the world on them, and on the 364 days of the year when it’s not politic to praise them, basically calling them evil sluts, because they were given a choice and they chose.

Because that’s what Ken doesn’t really want us to focus on too much.  It is fucking heroic to choose to continue your pregnancy in the face of all the shit you’ll get from people like him.

But being a mother becomes a lot less fucking heroic when there is no choice, when the whole fucking path to giving birth, from choosing when to have sex and with whom and choosing whether and how to use contraception and choosing whether or not to continue or terminate a resulting pregnancy is completely taken out of your fucking hands.

When people like Ken Orr win, the only heroism to be found is in just getting through your fucking life without spiralling into despair at the utter lack of autonomy or basic fucking dignity you are permitted, all on the basis of what some arrogant fucktard says God has condemned you to thanks to the configuration of your gonads.

Because here’s the thing, Ken:

What on God’s earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother.

Just one thing, mate:  to CHOOSE to be a mother.***


*Which I’m sure Ken knows absolutely nothing about.

**Aided by having a stroppy feminist’s lack of compunction about telling little white lies to douchebag employers who ask kinda-illegal questions about whether she had children

***And end questions with question marks.

International Women’s Day!

I have been inundated with Real Life things today, so in my usual vein here’s some other awesome women’s writing on the subject!

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stargazer at The Hand Mirror:  poverty – why we should give a damn

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And on the political side of things (and it sure does warm my heart to see at least some of our elected representatives talking good shit on women’s issues):

Metiria Turei on the Welfare Wrecking Group and Depo-Provera

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Pope edges towards acknowledging reality … but not really

Tigtog has pretty much nailed the facts around the Pope’s slight mutterings about maybe not entirely condemning condom use by specific types of people for specific reasons.  Possibly.

Still, the optimists may like to see any kind of consideration for condom use not being invariably a one-way ticket of hell as progress.

All this never-Catholic-enough-to-even-be-called-a-lapsed-Catholic has to ponder is the extreme convenience of a religion which builds fervor on a solid foundation of guilt and self-criticism, declaring natural human urges and behaviour (along with any practical steps taken to make that behaviour have fewer negative consequences in this world) to be naughty.