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Shit, foeti aren’t actually guppies?

Nothing like being called “evil” to warm my heart on a freezing Wellington night.

But there’s something that keeps cropping up that I need to address.

It’s this notion:

Even women who believe in abortion would know down deep what they’re doing and try to block out that side of it.

Women are in denial, people (or the more common alternative, women don’t realise it’s a Baby(TM)).

Women just don’t know – or pretend not to know – that what’s growing inside them (and using their bodily resources and permanently altering their body and potentially damaging their health or even killing them) is a precious rosy-cheeked infant just waiting to compose symphonies and cure cancer.

Women, you see, are a bit thick.*

Oh, wait.

Maybe women do actually know It’s A Baby.

Maybe that’s why they want a fucking abortion.

Maybe that Baby is the result of rape.  Maybe that Future Beethoven will forever connect her to an abuser and give him another weapon to use – heck, another victim.  Maybe that Precious Life is going to kill her.  Maybe that Gift From God is going to take resources and energy to raise which she can’t give – oh, and fuck off especially on this one, fundies, unless you have honestly never bitched about women getting welfare to raise the children you want to force them to have.

Maybe she really, really wants this child, has planned for this child, has prayed for this child, and there are complications which mean its life will be nasty brutish and short.  Or she gets diagnosed with cancer and if she doesn’t get chemo they’ll both die.  Or she has a family history of illness that she doesn’t want to pass on.  Maybe this is the most fucking heartwrenching horrible decision she has ever made, and yes! Yes, spucwits, maybe she WILL regret it, and feel terrible, and hate herself, and feel like she thoroughly deserves the harsh judgment you so like to pretend you’re not passing out.  And yeah, she probably doesn’t want to think about The Horror She Is Committing.

But she still knows it’s a fucking Baby(TM).  She still knows it would, with time and frankly luck on the health front, be born and become an autonomous human being.  She knows that by having an abortion she will stop that Innocent Potential from ever being fulfilled.

The only thing that is certain, when people start saying “women hide the truth from themselves” and “women need to understand It’s A Life Growing Inside Her [against her will]”?  Is that those people think women are stupid and thus denying them choice is a-okay.

When women seek an abortion, they know they have a Baby(TM) growing inside them.  They’d like it to stop.  That’s why they want an abortion.


PS.  Chris Trotter seems oddly defensive about me commenting on his post, with that whole “OH I AM SO HONOURED YOUR MAJESTY” shtick (oh man, don’t I qualify as a “Comrade”?).  Dude, you quoted me.  That’s how these Internets work.

And he still doesn’t understand this “numbers without context are meaningless” concept.  Did y’all know that in the past two years my salary has doubled?  Quick Chris!  Draw conclusions about the economy and state of NZ workers’ rights without bothering to find out if it’s because I finished uni and changed jobs, that’d get in the way of soulful rhetorical questions!

Also (dammit woman, get some impulse control) apparently Chris’ post could not possibly contribute to stigmatizing abortion.  This is because Chris is a pansy effeminate bitch, and in saying that I cannot possibly have contributed to societal discourse which devalues the non-masculine because society already does that.


PPS.  I also love the way some people have reacted entirely predictably to my shits-and-giggles comment.  It’s hard to pick what’s really funny about “abortion images” though;  is it the obviously fake stories attached (the doctor put it in the microwave and drank it through a straw!!!)?  Is it the way that a smudge of jelly really fails to make the antichoicers’ “it’s a BABY!!!! With feet and an appendix!” arguments?  Is it the fact that, in the age of Saw movies, even real-looking gore doesn’t really pack a punch – thus revealing the images’ creators for the out-of-touch privileged old wankers they are?


*And isn’t it fucking amazing how yet again, the reactionary forces of privilege use the same bloody arguments in every single issue?  See also, “fat people don’t realise they’re fat.”  Because they live in basements, apparently, with no access to mass media.

Abortion reform: the enemy

Linked via … someone to a very interesting article by Dita de Boni on the 24-week limit in Steve Chadwick’s proposed bill.

Like a few commenters, I think the 24-week limit is an issue likely to derail the abortion argument into a finicky negotiation about “when life begins” and “when the Baby (TM) feels pain” and frankly it’s an irrelevant distraction from the fact that women in New Zealand should not have to plead their case when making decisions about their own body.

But the Herald, bless their hearts, have allowed comments on de Boni’s article.  And antichoicers are not a group known for their restraint, nor originality.  Dear readers, if you wish to know the mind of our opposition, look verily unto the comments section, and feel the power of the dark side.

carlo of Waitakere City is first in the with slut-shaming:

My view is if you don’t want the baby, don’t fall pregnant.

carlo’s pseudonym implies zie won’t ever be in a position to fall pregnant under any circumstances, but let’s be honest; it’s hardly a uniquely male thing to pretend that human fertility is a completely controllable, predictable phenomenon – and that’s before we cover those pesky things like sexual assault and social pressure to put out under a variety of “proper” circumstances.

But wait, I forgot:  You Should Have Kept Your Legs Shut, Filthy Women.

carlo then indulges in some hilarious mathematics:

One according to Statistics NZ 17550 abortions were performed in 2009 in NZ that work out to 48 per day or two per hour and at around (I estimate ) $1000.00 per surgical procedure to a lot of money.

… which nicely covers off the Evil Medical Pyramid Scheme box.  Let me tell you, internet, I would dearly love to know the basis of carlo’s “estimate”.

Roger Driver-Burgess will not be outdone, however, and goes straight into some mansplainish Deep Rhetorical Questioning:

Do we only value life that is completely independent? We maintain adults on life-support machinery until they die, why do we insist that babies must be able to live independently before we accord them human dignity?

Because we all know that Women are Just Incubators.  And of course turning off life support isn’t the subject of huge debate and never happens.

No other group of human beings has the right to live off the bodily resources of another.  Boy, I sure hope no one making this argument has ever ranted about giving gay people “special rights”, that would be, like, hypocritical.

Anne is also from Waitakere, and she would like to raise the critical Real Women Want Babies issue:

But I wonder if those who are able to coldly state “abortion should be more readily available” actually have children of their own or if they have imagined missing out on the years of enjoyment and depth of relationship had they aborted that much loved child.

Because no one has an abortion and goes on to have children when it becomes emotionally/financially/otherwisely viable.  And no one has children and goes on to have an abortion because it’s no longer emotionally/financially/physically/otherwisely viable.  And no one becomes pregnant deliberately but chooses to abort because of medical complications.  And no one chooses to adopt rather than have children for physical/psychological/environmental reasons.  And certainly all prochoicers must be child-hating spinsters, and certainly I do not actually want to have children in a few years’ time.

My partner is going to think I’ve been kidnapped by pod people again.

Don’t you just love the phrase, “aborted that much-loved child”, though?  Anne, if someone loves their unborn child (TM), and has had, for whatever reason, aborted that pregnancy?  You probably don’t need to get on your fucking soapbox and tell them what they’re missing out on, they probably fucking know already because it was probably one of the hardest fucking decisions they ever made.  But hey, don’t let actual empathy get in the way of a good self-righteous wank.

Anne would also like us to Think of the Superiority of DNA and Biological Relationships and also, Haha I Called You A Pro-Abortionist, SICK BURN:

Abortion is not just a “get rid of it now” concept, it’s taking a life – 70+ years worth – along with an entire family line.

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that Anne wouldn’t be quite so passionate about those lives not guaranteed to live to 70+ and continue the family line?

Before the pro-abortionists rise up and scald me, isn’t there still a demand for adopted children by those who would dearly love to nurture that which others are unable to?

See, there’s a demand for (healthy able-bodied white probably female) babies, and you pregnant women can provide the supply, and now all we need to do is set a price and voila, capitalism in action.  Pregnant women:  they’re just like [canine] bitches, pedigree is everything when you’re flogging the pups.

Truly Kiwi knocks off two of my favourites:

If however they wait until 6 months into a 9 month pregnancy and then choose to terminate I would be asking the question of what took you so long to decide and maybe it should come down to at this late stage you could possibly think about adoption instead after all you only have 3 more months to carry.

1.  Women are Just Stupid.  I mean seriously, what took you so long?  Didn’t you, like, get the You’re Pregnant memo?  And talk about flighty, these women, just going along LA LA LA LA NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD and suddenly OH NO I WON’T FIT MY PROM DRESS and then it’s a pre-ball season slaughter of the unborn.

2.  It’s Only 9 Months, What Are You Complaining About? Pregnancy, you see, is a magic ritual, it only requires the arcane combination of sperm and egg plus a period of time and BOOM precious new life is born.  There’s certainly no strain on the pregnant person’s body, and it certainly doesn’t affect your life of luxury and bonbon-eating by the pool, and it definitely, definitely could not be in any way distressing or psychologically harmful to be forced to undergo having an unwanted creature inhabiting your body.

Dear antichoicers:  go get yourself a fucking tapeworm already and sit down to a marathon of the Aliens quadrilogy and then whinge to me about “it’s no big deal, just wait X months”.

Dilla wants to reprise the just-use-a-condom-you-stupid-cow argument, with a wonderful oblivious twist:

Speaking from gen Y, my peers take abortion way too lightly – if it wasn’t an option I bet they’d be much more careful.

Yes Dilla.  They would be.  And some of them would still get pregnant and would still try to end their pregnancies and would end up bleeding to death on hotel room floors.  Fuck you.

Peter T breaks out Where Do We Draw the Line? … literally.

So where do we draw the line where mind begins- and does it matter if the object was destroyed while anaesthetised?

We draw the line when being A isn’t using being B’s blood to carry oxygen.  See?  That wasn’t so hard.

Let’s round it all off with Graham of Howick:

But in many instances I think it is just a convenience.

It’s just a convenience.  Much like, oh, to pick a random example, Viagra.  Weirdly, you see, it’s not actually necessary for men to continue having erections throughout their lives, and it’s not actually a human right to get boners when you’re 70.

But no one seems to have a single fucking problem with tampering with biology, with fucking around with hormones, with Changing God’s Plan For You, with the “natural” processes of cock-failure, with Viagra etc just being a convenience that men should just suck it up and go without because well that’s just the consequences of being an old dude.

I mean, I realise that some guys may need to have boner-pills, but I just don’t see how society can allow this many cocks to be inflated just out of convenience.

And that’s page one of the comments.  I now require tea and biscuits and a wee lie-down.

We have seen the enemy, friends.  And he hates women and wants to enslave them through biology.  And we are not going to fucking let him.