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It is a gift! A gift of … Alasdair Thompson?

alasdair7Alasdair Thompson is back, like a nasty, self-centred rich white zombie, seeking brains.

And boy oh boy is he unable to let things go.

In 2011 he was the subject of an international media furore for saying that some women’s productivity and income is affected by difficult menstruation; a truth he was internationally pilloried for speaking about.

It was a Life Changing experience for him, about which he’s written a book due for publication in October 2013.

alasdair1alasdair5And as Toby Manhire in the Listener notes

In four of the five blog posts that he’s published in the site’s first four days, Thompson makes reference to the circumstances of his departure from his post at the EMA – in two of them, he talks explicitly about Mihingarangi Forbes and Campbell Live.

Let’s revisit that beautiful, beautiful furore, shall we?  Here’s Mihingarangi Forbes’ fucking amazing interview with Alasdair.  Seriously, a high point of modern NZ television journalism.  I will never not piss myself laughing when he complains about being under the weather due to a very early monthly meeting.

Here’s Rachel Morton’s unedited interview with Alasdair (sadly marred by microphone gremlins).

Here’s my posts on the subject.

And here in graphic form are his greatest hits (please do note:  all exact quotes from the video interviews linked above).
alasdair4alasdair2alasdair1alasdair10alasdair8 alasdair9

Make your own!

For ongoing lulz, he’s on Twitter too!

H/T: Toby Manhire

Maybe he was PMSing

Alasdair Thompson, creepy bullying sexist pig extraordinaire, has lost in his (and his wife’s!) complaint against the Broadcasting Standards Authority.  A complaint which basically reads “how dare you quote my exact sexist words, you’re making me look sexist!”

The lack-of-self-awareness factor is heightened with a touch of “you breached my staff’s privacy!  Of course I probably breached it first by talking about them on camera to a journalist to prove some point I had about how you bitches just need to choose between babies and A Real Job, but how dare you do your job by broadcasting that!”

Take it away, BSA majority:

“It is our firm view that if the item caused any harm to Mr Thompson’s reputation and dignity, this was not a product of unfair editing on the part of the broadcaster, but was the result of how Mr Thompson chose to conduct himself in the interview and was largely self-imposed.”

Hey now.  Maybe his hormones were just running wild and he wasn’t rational enough to make a serious career decision, right?  He would never normally loom over women and threateningly insist he’s not a bully, of course, so maybe it was just that time of the … oh, you know where I’m going.

Another dinosaur bites the dust

Alasdair Thompson has been sacked by the EMA (oh look, apparently we aren’t a country swimming in red tape where it’s impossible to get rid of obviously incompetent employees*).  Line of the day has to go to The End Is Naenae for this take on the predictable Stuff comments:

Weep, munters: you have lost your king.

And props to Air New Zealand for withdrawing their membership of the EMA over it (at a conveniently-placed our-membership-was-up-anyway time).

But the battle ain’t over, kiddies.  Let’s remember our PM has “no data” on the pay gap (=so it doesn’t exist) and Karl du Fresne is still getting paid to fill the DomPost’s pages with shite (HINT, KARL:  maybe the fact that women’s careers are interrupted by parenthood much more than men’s has something to do with sexism!  THE MORE YOU KNOW.)


*Hat tip to Idiot/Savant.

Check their assumptions: equal pay edition

This might come as a shock, people, but I do actually believe the EMA and Alasdair “monthly sick problems” Thompson when they say things like,

We totally agree with equal pay for equal work

They probably do.  They are probably sincere in this belief.

The bit they’re not mentioning is the bit most bigoted asswipes leave unspoken,

we just also believe women are generally incapable of being equally productive, or doing equal work, to men.

And that’s the fucking problem right there.

(To the EMA’s credit, they go a lot further in their press release today, making it explicit gender shouldn’t play a role in pay and that gender has no role in productivity differences.  Anyone who doesn’t lay those things out plainly and simply?  Probable case of sexist dinosaur.)

Handy Alasdair Thompson roundup, for all your monthly sick problem needs:

If it quacks like a sexist duck …

Originally guest-posted at The Standard.

I suppose one must be grateful to Alasdair Thompson for one thing; at least he didn’t imply that we feeble little women should just avoid all sudden movement lest our ovaries fall out. (This is not to say that all women have ovaries, or even periods, or that men cannot have ovaries, or periods, but I don’t want to blow Alasdair’s tiny mind. For those feeling brave, check out this hot childbearing bamf.

Lew at Kiwipolitico thinks it’s a good lesson in not believing your own hype, and certainly Helen Kelly’s got to be viewing this whole situation as a gigantic win for putting the spotlight on the pay gap and the slightly-scary amount of bullshit our Captains of Industry are seriously small-minded enough to buy into.

But that’s what gets me. Fear not, readers concerned that I’m never going to find a man because I’m such a bitch; I’m not offended. I’m not even contemptuous towards Alasdair Thompson. I’m just a little baffled.

I mean, Alasdair Thompson is the head of an organisation whose sole purpose is to basically convince us that everything is a beautiful level playing field and pay is totally based on ability but also maybe you shouldn’t tell anyone else what you’re paid because then, um, the total fairness of your pay might shock you so much you’ll get confused and fall down. And really being forced to take four weeks off every year is just terrible. And getting a bunch of your coworkers together to negotiate a shared set of terms, well, no one should have to do that.

That’s not actually the easiest sell.

So you’d think you’d entrust the job to someone with enough basic political instinct to not say, in front of a woman union leader and a microphone, that “Women do, in general, [take more sick leave] why? Because once a month they have sick problems.”

(It’s okay, Alasdair. In the 21st century we use the word “period”. And if you’re going to use code, break out the fun shit like “they have Communists in the funhouse”.)

He does seem to have got his bullshit-mojo back though, as he’s had a bit of a whinge at being accurately quoted and is now spamming people on Twitter saying,

Of course women should be paid more than men where their output and productivity is greater than men’s. It’s a pity if saying this is un-PC.

Yes, Alasdair. That’s totally what people are complaining about. Who thinks he’s a clever little derailer den?

But it brings up another of those wonderful rightwing slogans: output and productivity.

Given how committed Alasdair is to his principles, I can only assume his personal KPIs are based on “saying things which your old, white, male Board think are just plain common sense” and measured by “how many women who are obviously on the rag take offence.”

But let’s face it. If that epitome of modern capitalism, the IMF, is anything to go by, all Alasdair has to do is go on being an old, white, rich dude who works for and on behalf of a bunch of other old, white, rich dudes. And the hypocrisy is simply never going to occur to him.

PS: inevitable neggers: go read this shit and know that every time you whinge that it’s not sexist, early childhood teachers just aren’t worth as much as fly-fishing chief executives, God kills a merchant banker.

PPS. Thought about kicking this off with a nice snappy self-aware disclaimer about my own menstrual status. Like you sexist pigs who are already drafting your “lol ur on the rag” trollisms care.

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