Random recommended reading

Happy new year, all.  Here’s some recommended reading to carry you through the holiday break/the terrible back-to-work blues.

Do you get really eye-twitchingly annoyed at men who sit on buses like their balls are the size of melons?  Gods, I do.  Fortunately there is not one but two Tumblrs where you can vent your rage (or feel comforted in the knowledge it ain’t just you.)  And an article! Hat-tip to SaigonSyl and her merry band of righteous Twitter followers.

Zoe Ferguson at The Wireless on the lack of credit our women athletes receive.

[Trigger warning: family violence, police inaction] Sometimes people’s response to violence is to say “Why didn’t you call the police?”  This letter in the Taranaki Daily News may give some insight.

A nice white boy gets himself arrested in New York to see how bad the justice system is from the inside.  Answer: really really bad.

What if you just made Bilbo a girl one day?  Find out in One weird old trick to undermine the patriarchy.

Another piece of evidence to add to the pile: Your assumptions about welfare recipients are wrong.

Fellow Kiwifeministblogger Deborah Russell is running for Parliament!  You can read her awesome stuff here.

A great post to make you think about disability binarism (i.e. the idea you can’t be a wheelchair user if you can walk.)

This video from Jimquisition on the terrifying epidemic of male gamers is the best thing I’ve seen all year.  Via Fake Nerd Guys.


  1. ObjectiveReality

    The Bilbo picture in that story should look [fatter]. Gender may not be important to his story but being tubby enough to stick in a door certainly is.

    [QoT: Edited for accuracy and to remove misogynist body-shaming.]