Blogging while leftwing-and-feminist: the bingo board edition

Blame for this may be entirely laid at the feet of Rhinocrates, NZ Femme and V de Plume.  May it serve you well in future headdesk-worthy “debates” with people who keep insisting they’re our allies, now could we please shut up and let them tell us what we want?



[A bingo board of white-and-purple squares, saying: Wait until we win the election! / That’s not a tier one issue / I know I’m banned but … / We already have laws against discrimination / Boutique Identity Politics / That only helps a tiny minority / Let me explain basic politics to you / Of course we all hate sexism, you oversensitive bitch / Rightwing pundits don’t like that / Stop making personal attacks you bitch / You need counselling / That won’t win votes / FREE SQUARE / I’m on your side! / I’m leaving this conversation!!! / Rights are a zero-sum game / We HAVE to focus on the economy (so shut up) / You can have five minutes / That’s just in your head / I’m leaving this conversation THIS TIME!!! / Let’s just agree to disagree / Silencing white male trolls is censorship / But as a redheaded vegan, I have an identity too! / We’re all just ~people~ / You’re scaring away swing voters]


  1. The Arbourist

    But but my important, usually dudely, ideas from the left are important, let me explain your issues to you properly…


    Nice card, too bad it is so relevant. 🙂

    • V (verbscape)

      I was trying to explain to a (ciswhite)guy some of the reasons he didn’t feel “welcomed” in feminist conversations, and he got all indignant at the idea that people might think his perspective wasn’t relevant, blah blah ~reverse sexism~, “You shouldn’t assume I have nothing to contribute, you shouldn’t assume you’ve heard my perspective before, you don’t know me, I could be married to a feminist.”

      Married. To a feminist. Yep. That would sure be a new and fascinating perspective that feminists have never considered before.