Please do have a happy holiday

I’m dropping offline for the obvious reasons (enforced family fun and live demonstrations of New Zealand’s binge drinking culture).

Have a happy and safe holiday season.  It’s often the most stressful time of year, and every level of social pressure is on us to play nice and put up with shit, from the mildly annoying to the truly horrible, in the name of family and special occasion.

I thoroughly recommend the writings of Captain Awkward on this matter, specifically:

#409: Guess what? Not everyone’s family is awesome and not everyone loves “the holidays.”

#530: Annual Holiday Reminder: You Don’t Have to “Celebrate” With People Who Treat You Like Crap

… but also generally.  Because it was mainly through a solid diet of Captain Awkward columns that I came to some truly life-changing decisions about how I am willing to have people interact with me.


And if you are online, get your submissions in for the first Down Under Feminists’ Carnival of 2014!



  1. MeToo

    I’ll have whatever sort of holiday I want, thank you very much!
    ^^My standard reply to well-wishers when I was a teenager. Man, I was a pain.

    Thanks for all your blogging this past year, I’ve really appreciated it.

  2. Trianon

    Hi QoT

    Thought you should know THM is inviting comment on its policy towards trans people ATM.

    I know you were very active talking to them on their whole trans fail back in 2011 so I thought your perspective might be valuable