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The somewhat-good news is that four Steubenville adults will face charges relating to the cover-up of the rape which made national headlines.  The definitely-bad news is that they’ll also face charges related to a completely different covered-up rape case.

That’s what we call a fucking rape culture, people.

In the wake of the 2010 quake, illegal abortion is injuring and killing huge numbers of women in Haiti.

Read about the untold story of the Iroquois influence on early [American] feminists.  Slightly mindblowing for a white girl.

The Pope’s said some good shit, sure.  But there’s still plenty of bad shit.

While, in the same document, the pope also reiterates the church’s rejection of abortion as a moral choice and implicitly condones the marginalization of LGBTQ people, it is his blessing of a male-only priesthood that is arguably the most damaging, for it renders the church as a model justification for the view of women as subhuman—a view that lends cover to the rapist, the pimp, the bigot, and the chauvinist whose works the pope decries, even as he advances stereotypes about the “feminine genius” that women have to offer in acts of compassion and intuition.

Kath at Fat Heffalump on the fact that she is bloody well happy, thank you.


  1. adam white

    Just a question oh QoT, for Nelson’s funeral they have picked all guys to represent NZ. Setting aside the fact that women are over half the population – I was wondering don’t we have women in political office, women who were leaders in the protest movement and women who have been instrumental in fighting racism here in the south pacific?????