1. Treason

    Anarchist, free-spirit, chaotic, individualist, resent taking orders, shirks rules and traditions – is he trying to destroy you with compliments?

  2. MeToo

    You so selfish having your own blog when you could blog for the greater collective good at Great Collective Blog Platform.

  3. MeToo

    Gee, most of TDB bloggers aren’t bloggers according to this frequency=role defintion of blogging.

    • QoT

      That is a very good point! That’s one reason their stats are so slanted towards a certain clique of white dudes: a few bloggers are posting every day/couple of days, others have posted once and then never again. It’s a fairly common thing on group blogs (I’m pretty sure The Standard would be heavily slanted toward lprent/Eddie/karol in the same way) but it does make it sound a bit silly to complain about one person who has a significant back catalogue not being a “real” blogger.

  4. Rhinocrates

    Hell hath no fury like a narcissist spurned. I’m surprised that you’ve been let off so lightly and not been declared an enemy of the cause (the “cause” being… guess).

  5. Luxated

    Anyone taking bets on how long it will take for you to mysteriously win the Chaotic Evil title (presumably on accusations of undermining ‘the cause’ from within)?

    • QoT

      Maybe next year I can be a “not runner up because you’re actually not cool enough, ha ha ha” and take the title in 2015.