Random recommended reading

Is Doctor Who a lefty? at New Statesman.

A new Kiwi blog to add to your reading list: Two Arab Girls.

Laura Bates on how online abuse and trolling targeted at women keeps them out of political discussion [WARNING: discussion of rape and death threats]:

of course it is right and proper that the freedom of speech and freedom of the press should be protected within a democratic society. But it is also right that women should be allowed the same platforms and opportunities as men to contribute to that democratic society, and that is not the case when their voices are being silenced—their freedom of speech affected—by online abuse and an enormously unequal media portrayal. Somehow the freedom of their speech is something we rarely hear spoken about.

annalee on conscientious objection.

As a Quaker, I believe in Conscience Protection. I believe people should have the right to refuse work that violates their principles. If a draft were called tomorrow, I would wholeheartedly support people’s right not to serve.

But if someone serving in the military came to me and said they wanted me to defend their right to refuse military service, but that they also wanted to keep their job and be paid as if they were actually serving in combat, I would laugh in their face.

A great Storify from Trudy of Gradient Lair recapping the #FastTailedGirls hashtag.

On a more light-hearted head-desking note, here’s Feminism, according to stock photography; and for the Pratchett fans, a familiar-looking flashmob.

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  1. Moz in Oz

    If I wasn’t already an INGBank customer that “flashmob” ad would be a big push towards them.

    Thanks for the blog link too.