Oh fuck off, Cunliffe

Via No Right Turn:

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a post for the Ruminator and, rather optimistically, I agreed.The original brief was to respond to a post by Judith Collins. My post was going to be about snapper, not trout. But considering that issue, along with Judith’s leadership aspirations, has floundered, I’ll try another hook.

Idiot/Savant pretty nicely captures the self-satisfied Dad Joke tone of it all.

Judith Collins is a vile fucking human being.  There are just so many things we can pick on her for.  Using a tired old slur about her age, gender and appearance?  Just fucking stop it.


  1. Allan Alach

    I agree. This is the point I was trying to make in my recent blog. Focus attacks on the issues, not the person.

    • QoT

      Well, yes and no, Allan. The first and largest point you were making was that people like me needed to stop criticising bullshit coming from other allegedly leftwing commentators, because “the real enemy is over there” and we “should know better”. Which is an argument I obviously reject.

  2. adam white

    By that I mean she has an autocratic streak a mile long. I worry she will use the same tactics as the tea party and will use dis-empowered people to push a even more radical agenda. These and many more things could have been said about Judith Collins – but we have a liberal left who don’t stop for one minute to smell there own bullshit.