Just one tiny thing

This shouldn’t really need to be said.  But just to be clear, because I’m sensing some confusion: I’m pretty sure I do not have the power to substantially affect the outcome of the next election.

This blog is not going to deliver a victory to David Cunliffe, and my tweets are not going to herald a John Key victory.  If I switched this whole thing off tomorrow, the media would still be able to find a quote from someone which proves The New Zealand Left Is Hopelessly Divided, if that was their angle.  But 2014 will almost certainly be the third election in a row where someone somewhere/everyone everywhere will decide that it is my “lack of unity” or “looking to be offended” or “call out culture” which is the problem – not their own lack of principle, clarity of message, or integrity.

You see, I’m a woman with opinions.  Usually pretty loud, brash opinions.  And sometimes I have them about people who are, in a very general sense, “on my side”, who I think (hat-tip to Craig) could do better.

And I am absolutely going to have a go (sorry, “conduct a witch hunt”) at leftwing, liberal men who expect to be thought leaders in our movement but consistently use women (and Maaori, and whoever else adds a flourish of diversity) to build their own cred while shouting over them whenever they disagree.

I am not going to change.  I will continue to be bitchy, catty, picky, over-sensitive, easily-offended, hold a grudge and act like a total cow.  Because that’s what you call women with unabashed opinions, isn’t it?


  1. Moz in Oz

    And that’s why us loyal readers/hapless slaves read your postings.

    But I would say that, wouldn’t I, being a brainwashed drone and all. Command me, O Queen!

  2. adam white

    I want liberty and freedom, and guess what – liberal males in this country ‘ant even getting close to making that happen.

    Bugger a unified left, it it begins by exclusion….

    Bugger a unified left if women are not heard.

    and totally bugger a unified left if it’s the same bullshit, lies and personal gain by a selected few blokes.