Random recommended reading

The UN Population Fund shouldn’t have to spell out that shaming teens about sex doesn’t actually help to reduce teen pregnancies.  Think Bob McCoskrie will copy-paste that one on to his blog?

“The reality is that adolescent pregnancy is most often not the result of a deliberate choice, but rather the absence of choices, and of circumstances beyond a girl’s control. It is a consequence of little or no access to school, employment, quality information and health care.”

Soraya Chemaly writes about what witches have to do with women’s health at Salon.

… the peak period of witch hunting was the 17th century, when both the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution posed great challenges to religion’s dominance. Women healers whose powers and successes were based on empirical study presented many layers of threat. …

Older, assertive, knowledgeable, authoritative and respected women were not welcomed in a fast-changing world in which many forces were aligned against them. They were a constant challenge to men’s power. This appears, still, to be a problem for some.

Harris O’Malley at ThinkProgress talks about how Sons of Anarchy reveals masculinity to be a trap.  I haven’t even watched Sons of Anarchy and I think this is fantastic.