Fuck you, Louise Thompson: I AM FAT

I think the worst thing about this column in the Herald is that its writer thinks she’s being helpful with tips like:

“I’m fat” is a lie

It’s not a useful description of a permanent characteristic, like “I have blue eyes” or “I’m 5 foot 4”

What is far more accurate and empowering is “I have fat”.

Here’s the thing, Louise:

I am fat.

It is a useful description.

Height and eye colour aren’t necessarily “permanent characteristics” either.

And there is absolutely nothing more harmful in my eyes than telling people to disown parts of their bodies.

That’s the whole fucking problem with our fatphobic weight culture.  It’s a culture of body-hating.  It’s a culture which drives people, especially women, into a cycle of self-hatred and judgement and constant fucking anxiety.  It feeds billion-dollar industries peddling snake oil and lies.  It distracts us from living our lives as beautiful unique sparkleponies meat popsicles human beings.  It buys into  a (not really) shitty Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment/Descartian mind-versus-body dichotomy which is basically the root of a hell of a lot of oppressive systems (short version: we’re constantly sold the lie that our minds are all that matters while being oppressed via our delicious meaty bodies).

(Note:  the same linguistic fuckery plays a role in the oppression of people of colour, people with disabilities, and trans people, but that’s a lot more complex than I’m qualified to speak on.)

No self-hate required.

This is the greatest lie of all.  You can’t tell people to divorce themselves from their own physical existences and then say they shouldn’t hate themselves.  That’s basically the fucking definition of self-hate.

Oh, and a final note to the sub who put this under the headless-fatty image used to illustrate the article:

The phrase; ‘I’m fat’, is not a body positive statement



Make fat work



  1. megpie71

    I am fat. I am not “overweight” (over whose weight, FFS?) or “plump”, or “stout”, or “pudgy”, or even “portly”. I’m not “obese” (that one is a pseudo-medical term of art used to pathologise being fat, and make it clear that being fat is somehow a disease, condition, or mental illness). I’m fat.

    I am also, just to be clear about this, pretty okay with that. It beats the alternatives.

  2. Anon

    I’m fat. I have reasons I hate myself at times, but the fat isn’t one of them. Being fat is just a fact of life and genetics. I don’t hate myself for having eye brows, growing facial hair, or having ten toes. So why would I hate myself for being fat?

    • QoT

      That’s the question, isn’t it? Fat’s one of the few inherent-body-characteristics which we’re told we must fight against. (I note that things like skin colour and hair texture are things which are given similar treatment particularly in racist contexts.)

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