Shock news: when you don’t punish beneficiaries for going into work, more of them go into work

Paula Bennett must be congratulated for a groundbreaking, earth-shattering development in the treatment of beneficiaries:

More than 700 beneficiaries have sought out and landed jobs despite having no requirement to work since the new Work Bonus became available.

Operational since July 15, the latest welfare reforms include the new Work Bonus, which allows the benefit to be phased out incrementally so people keep a proportion of it as they transition to a wage.

“Even just six weeks into the policy, 706 people had gone off benefit into work and were getting the Work Bonus,” says Mrs Bennett.


It’s almost like before, when people tried to move from a benefit into work but were literally financially punished for it, it was really hard for them to move into work.  And now that they can move into work without having their income reduced to $1 an hour, they’re doing it!


Maybe next Paula can figure out that people who have babies while they’re on a benefit are just as worthy of social support as anyone else!  Or, shockingly, that it might make sense for benefits to actually cover the costs of existing!

… then again, given that her media release was entitled “Beneficiaries seek out emerging jobs” – which misses the point about as far as it’s possible to while still using the words “beneficiaries” and “jobs” – I suspect not.