Fuck off, Bob Jones: and advertisers? Be warned

Bob Jones has produced another disgusting “opinion piece”, and the New Zealand Herald has once again been disgusting enough to publish it.

I completely understand that a lot of people don’t have the spoons for taking on yet another awful triggery misogynist piece of shit produced by an awful misogynist piece of shit.  On this occasion, I do.  Hence this post.

The URL of the article is: http:// http://www.nzherald.co.nz/ opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=466&objectid=11143714

A precis of the article for those who do not wish to feed the Herald’s amoral clickbait campaign:

  • This one time, Bob Jones was in Viet Nam, and he noticed that women can’t drive
  • Then he badgered Hutt City Council to not install traffic lights all over the place
  • Now there are roundabouts and women can’t use them and even women he knows agree with him
  • Anyway, he once bought a totally awesome penis substitute car and he drove totally awesomely but bitches complained ’cause they ain’t shit
  • So he laughed at the Police letter he received and told them (CONTENT NOTE: and here’s where I quote the awful violent bit)

I replied, first pointing out that passing is not illegal and adding that while normally I don’t condone police violence, this was an exception and they would be doing God’s work by going to the complainants’ homes, beating the crap out of them and burning their houses down.

  • Then he interpreted the automatic form letter he received in response as agreement.
  • Finally, he makes a hilarious joke about how Saudi Arabia shouldn’t let women drive because lol, bitches can’t drive.

Dovil has also provided a write-up, fed through a What Bob’s Really Thinking translator. Di W has challenged Bob to a parallel park-off.  Rachel Rayner has a nice little template for you to complain to the editor – before you complain to the Press Council.

And I’ve been tweeting companies whose ads appear on the article.  These include:

  • ASB Bank – no response
  • Jetstar – no response
  • iHeartRadio – who, to their credit, acknowledged the tweet, but stated they can’t control where their ads end up.  I say: demand a better contract.
  • Accor Hotels – no response
  • Nissan – no response – but so ironic
  • RealMe – the new government login service.  I can’t tell if this account is genuine so tweeted NZ Post instead.

Companies which don’t have Twitter accounts I can easily locate are:

  • Sovereign Insurance
  • State Insurance

… which is a pity, because I’d love to know if either of them would cover my house in the circumstances of the Police burning it down to punish me for driving too cautiously to suit Sir Bob.

The problem, once again, is less Bob Jones being a hateful piece of shit, and more that The Herald will obviously continue to publish schlock to match their page size as long as it generates pageviews and sells advertising.

I don’t expect this story to be the final nail in the coffin.  I don’t expect to change the world overnight.  But I know that pressuring advertisers can get results (admittedly, with a well-run social media campaign and a few tens-of-thousands of activists).  So I’m going to do what I can.


The hashtag is #boycottbobjones, and more advertisers are being tweeted:


  1. Jamie

    I cannot believe that got published anywhere in this day and age, regardless of who wrote it. Unless possibly at an Onion-style satire site (Not endorsing The Onion, just an example).

    • QoT

      It would actually be a very good fit for the Onion, given it can be patchy on properly satirising this kind of crap.

  2. .

    IHeartRadio NZ is run by The Radio Network, which is half-owned by APN, which also owns the Herald. They ain’t gonna do shit.

  3. V (verbscape)

    Somehow, I don’t think that Bob Jones would find it so thigh-slappingly hilarious if someone else were “joking” about burning down his house. Somehow, I don’t think the NZ Herald would be as keen to publish someone “joking” about burning down Bob Jones’ house. Somehow.

    • QoT

      Unfortunately testing this premise would involve threatening to commit a criminal act … and you’re right, I suspect it would be looked at rather differently by our law enforcement agencies.

      • V (verbscape)

        It’s okay, I made something to amuse myself in other ways. *shifty eyes*

        (Can I post an image in a comment here? I’m about to find out.)

      • V (verbscape)

        Er, it occurs to me that the use of quotation marks around ‘joking’ was ambiguous.

        Dear friends at the GCSB, I meant only that joking about burning people’s houses down wasn’t funny, therefore calling it “joking” required quotation marks. I have no intention of burning Bob Jones’ house down, threatening to burn Bob Jones’ house down, or committing any harm against Bob Jones other than fervently hoping he steps on something painful in the middle of the night when he’s walking to the dunny and it really hurts his foot.

        Yours sincerely,
        (You already know my address.)

    • cranapia

      Of course he wouldn’t — but isn’t that always the way? Being an affluent straight white cis-male means never having to “harden up” or “get a sense of humour and stop being so over-sensitive” when women, people of colour or GLBTI folks “joke” about how plenty of annoying SWMs would be improved by — nay! are gagging for — a good stalking, assault and arson. (Not that I’d endorse any such thing, of course… and if I did, the New Zealand Herald wouldn’t publish it.)

  4. adam white

    I do wonder if Bob is now impotent? It would explain a few things… Does he have a heart condition? Maybe that why he can’t take Viagra???

    • QoT

      I don’t think grumpy old rich white men need a serious physiological excuse for being entitled douchebags.

  5. cranapia

    The sad thing is that Jones’ violent misogyny isn’t at all surprising in a newspaper that’s spent the last week finding new ways to slut-shame and dish racist objectification on Bevan Chuang. Wonder if the monochromatic cis-male sausage-fest that is the Herald group’s senior editors (you know, the people who could easily have killed that column with a key stroke) would have something to do with that.

  6. MeToo

    I refuse to open the webpage and give them a page view so thanks for the twitter screen shots – I use two of the companies concerned and will be writing to them. Kiwibank says they don’t control where their ads go – but how hard can it be for them to stipulate “not on a page featuring a column by Bob Jones”?

    • QoT

      I would ask the same question! If a publication point-blank refuses to let its advertisers determine how their brand is portrayed … well, that publication probably isn’t long for this world.

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