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Thoughts on Arrow fandom and racism in ‘shipping.  For the record, I don’t usually ship … but I would totally ship Delicity.

This week’s Steubenville is Marryville, Missouri, where a 14-year-old rape survivor’s house has been “mysteriously” burned down in a community which can’t abide any criticism of its sports heroes.

The Wasp takes on the privilege involved in moderating “personal attacks” in comments:

But even when the policy is adhered to carefully and with consistency, in any given conversation where inequality comes into play, the privileged are still able to attack personally, to cut to the bone without even trying, but privilege combined with the “no personal attacks” policy shields them from retribution in kind.

H/T Hoyden About Town.

Renee at latinamericavisualized questions why we would critique the colonial awfulness of Columbus Day … but “solve” it by venerating another imperialist white dude.  (The answer is – shock – that we still view history as being about Things White Dudes Did.)

A researcher looking into the history of modern management practices has rediscovered The Messy Link Between Slave Owners and Modern Management.

Burnt Out Teacher asks why our Minister of Women’s Affairs doesn’t seem to give a fuck about violence against women. [TW for sexual assault, harassment]

Let’s consider The Radical Notion that Children are People, shall we?

This week’s brain cleanser:  Destiny’s Child GIFs.  With Destiny’s Child Mini-Mes!



  1. MeToo

    Not a derail but a thought after reading the link to the Marryville rape story:
    Was talking with a Canadian academic who said their campus had no football team – since they decided to do away with it as a campus sport some years ago the whole culture of the place changed. There was a decrease in the macho jock culture on campus and space opened up for a range of other sports, including women’s team sports like soccer and rugby. The worry for him now was that a very rich property owner had offered the University millions of dollars in sponsorship for a range of projects – but only if they started up a football team and the team played in the stadium that his business owned. (The stadium was losing money because of lack of use – what it needed was a football team to be based there.) The fear of this academic was what would happen to campus life if the University approved the deal. Given they are under-funded by their government, he felt the deal would go ahead, despite staff and much student opposition.

    • QoT

      And of course he couldn’t have women’s sports teams based there because there’s no money in it! And thus the Circle of Patriarchy is complete.