25 ways to be a smug slacktivist antichoicer wanker

Found while looking for other things in the dark, judgey hole in the soul of the Internet that is the Voice for Life NZ site:  an article – copy-pasted from American antichoice sites, because that’s how religious extremists roll – entitled

25 Pro-life things you can do to stop abortions before Christmas

I was actually kind of interested, because it’s a bold proposition: ending all abortion before Christmas.

Turns out it’s a lie on two counts, because it’s not about ending all abortions, and most of the 25 items will have no effect on abortion whatsoever.  The others aren’t really things ethical people should do, but that’s obviously not going to bother antichoicers.

The list breaks down like this:

  • Generic activist stuff, much of which will probably target abortion clinics: 14
  • Specifically harass clinic workers and their patients: 4
  • Volunteer at lying, bullying crisis pregnancy centres: 3
  • Idolize dead foetal tissue (probably in front of clinics): 1
  • Fund antichoice groups: 1
  • Feel totally smug about being antichoice: 1
  • Actually support people who choose to continue pregnancy: 1

No support for comprehensive sex education, which is proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies.  No donations to Planned Parenthood to provide contraception for people, which is proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies.  Nope, just more of the same bullying and lobbying and pats-on-the-back for the upstanding warriors fighting the good fight to punish people for sex they don’t approve of.

That one item about supporting people – specifically, single mothers, because couples never have a hard time providing for a child – is number 24 on the list, and actually reads “Be a witness to the joy of life by helping out single moms who chose life.”  Because why would you help a struggling parent if you weren’t getting a good smug-vibe from it?

The best bit?  VFL illustrates the article with a photo of a headless pregnant person with their tummy wrapped in a bow.  Because pregnant people aren’t just non-people with no face, identity, or autonomy, they’re also just the giftwrap for a ~sacred unborn child~.

And we all know what happens to giftwrap after the present arrives, right?

Antichoicers:  treating pregnant people like trash.


  1. bodycrimes

    It would be interesting to know how much the anti-abortion lobby in the US is affecting the rest of the world. I wonder if their money is funding campaigns elsewhere.

    • QoT

      I know it’s treated as common knowledge that our antichoice lobby get resources, if not outright funding, from the US. Hard to prove though!

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