Random recommended reading

Rachel Maddow takes on Republican gerrymandering – and a great explanation for why the US Republicans are going off the rails, getting more extreme, and shutting down the government.

Dr Jane Chi’s Storify of tweets about re-embodying pregnancy is a total prochoice must-read.  THIS is why it’s so fucking shitty for antichoicers to constantly use foetus imagery and erase the body of the pregnant person involved.

Blatant misandry in nature:  male marsupials who grow giant testicles and only get to blow their load once before dying, because lady-marsupials are sluts.

Tits and Sass on the treatment of sex workers in season 1 of Elementary.  It ain’t all good, but it’s better than a lot.

s.e. smith on Uptalk and Impostor Syndrome.  This speaks to me so much, because yes, fans, even the rompin’ stompin’ Queen of Thorns sometimes feels insecure and unconsciously panders to patriarchal disapproval of stroppy women.

I have given Rebecca Kamm of the Herald shit for her terrible posts before.  This is not one of those terrible posts.  Do NOT read the comments.  It’s amazing how some people can read a whole article on the fetishizing of Asian women and then act like the problem is that Asian women “let” themselves be fetishized, unlike white chicks.

(The super-cynical part of my brain wonders what role Bob Jone’s rape-excusing column had in the publication of a serious feminist column.)

Newstalk ZB, of all places, published a really good piece on the 7-year-old boy whose parents want to allow him to take puberty blockers.  Fucking refreshing lack of misgendering.

Weekly brain cleanser:  The Civilian’s adorable duck-mobilisation article.