Voting in Wellington

I really don’t like local government politics.  I think a lot of this is really projected self-loathing, because as a political person I know I should care.  I know it’s important, really, it’s about all those services and environmental and cultural issues which do make a serious difference to how we live and function as a community … but fucking Christ is it a dire thing every three years when it’s not-really-an-election time and a bunch of people you’ve never heard of before are suddenly clamoring for your attention.

So to make it easier on everyone – most of all myself – here’s

Your ultimate Wellington local government mega-voting-advice post with Bonus Candidate Translator

I stole a few of the links here from WCC Watch, but I’ll put them first to make up for it.

Do you care about fluoride?  Check out the WCC Watch guide.

Do you care about libraries?  WCC Watch has the goods again.

Do you care about a living wage?  The Living Wage Campaign has got candidates to sign up to the cause.

Is healthcare your bag?  NZNO have a pledge of their own for DHB candidates, as well as the PSA.

Do you want candidates who can follow directions and give short, snappy responses to important questions?  Wellingtonista has you covered.

Are you a transport fiend?  Generation Zero has done the polling for you.

In case you’re still utterly confused about STV, Graeme Edgeler’s post at Public Address is the time-honoured go-to.

But you’re not fully equipped for the horrors which await you yet, so here, take this:

Candidate Bio Decoder

If the following words appear in a candidate bio or statement, they’re probably a rabid rightwing scumbag:

  • “strong leadership” (as a positive)
  • “balanced transport solution” (only mentions roads and parking spaces)
  • “affordable rates” (as a positive), “high rates” (as a negative)
  • “fiscal responsibility”
  • “Why is Celia wearing the same dress for the entire mayoral campaign? And it isn’t flattering at all.”
  • “showers”