Random recommended reading

Add another deceitful, male-privileged, manipulative, creepy tally to the Hugo Schwyzer scoresheet, because he totally was actually, recently, having sex with students.  Oh, and of course he hasn’t actually left the internet at all.

In other “misogynist douchebags who get given pass after pass by their fans” news unsurprises, the Penny Arcade guys are shitheels.  Warning for rape culture and dudebros.

Get some learning about why modern stereotypes about black women have their roots in slavery at Gradient Lair, then read her post about misogynoir.

A thoughtful story from a mother and clinic escort in the US on her daughter’s abortion.

DC Comics has been bringing some serious fail.  Here’s a roundup from Bitch; more indepth look at the Harley Quinn bullshit at ThinkProgress;  and at lip.

Toys R Us UK will stop categorising toys as “boys'” and “girls'”.  Halle-fucking-lujah.

New recommended reading feature: The Brain Cleanser.  This week, some Janelle Monáe to take your troubles away.

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