Signal boost: Help get sexual violence services properly funded.

Take it away, Coley:

… But now we have an opportunity to speak out at a national legislative level on how unacceptable this status quo is. Submissions to the inquiry into the funding of specialist sexual violence social services are open now until 10 October.

I want to be very clear – you do NOT have to be a client or an associate of the sexual violence sector to submit. You do not have to be a survivor. You just have to be someone who, like me, wants to trust that if I or anyone I love needs help, this is a country which gives it and values those who give it.

You can make a submission, and read more about the guidelines and process here.

If the jargon puts you off, or you feel like you don’t know enough about what is definitely a specialist sector, just talk about what having these services around means to you. What you would want to see these services do if they were adequately resourced.

There will be submission writing workshops run by agencies and community groups so keep your eyes peeled and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Please speak out for services which are often invisible. Their impacts aren’t.

Please make a submission.  This is such an important opportunity to get some real action on sexual violence – or at least, if I’m cynical, to at least get a clear mandate which we can use to push governments to take this issue seriously.