Random recommended reading

Sophia McDougall in The New Statesmen on hating Strong Female Characters.

In 1864, Spotswood Rice wrote a letter to his former owner letting her know that he was coming to liberate his child and she better fucking watch out when he did.  His righteous fury just jumps off the page at you.

Via coleytangerina, a great collection of “I need feminism because” notes.

I love this article on sexuality education.

Essentially, what health-care workers learned in the dark years between 2005 and 2007 was that just telling teens to abstain from sex was not an effective approach. Trying to reduce teen pregnancies by telling teens what not to do is myopic. As teenagers—especially black and Latino teens—start to grapple with issues of oppression, sex, and economics, they need support in developing healthy, empowered lives in general. Rather than telling teens what their sexual choices should be, they need the tools to decide for themselves.

Doctors are not perfect unbiased saints.  When you have a mental illness, that can be very, very bad for you.  (Or if you’re fat, or a young woman, or a person of colour, etc etc etc)

A damn good resource: 41 trans-friendly books for kids and young adults.  Be totally out there and get them for a cis child you know!

The Little Pakeha on Nonsense bullshit jobs – i.e. the ones that get paid ridiculous amounts while vital professions like teaching and cleaning get screwed over.

45 women of colour in sci-fi/fantasy movies.