Weird Tales of Epsom: The foul language in the darkness

A local government candidate has jumped aboard the brothel-hating bandwagon, making it very clear that the Chinese people who are totally running all the shady brothels on Manukau Road (it was in the paper, so it must be true) aren’t really Chinese people.

“It is equally distressing to learn that they were operated by Chinese,” continues Chuang. “They do not seem to understand the Auckland Council’s bylaw and believe their actions are legally acceptable.”

“The Chinese community in general are not supportive of their behaviour, blaming them for ruining our reputation as good citizens and turning Epsom into a red-light district.”

Because the Good (Chinese) Men of Epsom certainly aren’t the ones paying for all that naughty sex.  In the alleged brothels with signage in Chinese out front.

Also, the soundproofing in brothels is just terrible these days.

“Mothers have been complaining about the foul language coming out of the named establishment,” says Bevan Chuang, a local resident and a candidate for the Albert-Eden Local Board election. “They were very distressed with such behaviours in the present of their daughters and friends.”

And when the mothers of Epsom are complaining, you know shit’s about to get real.


  1. charlene rogers

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to blame South Auckland somehow, after all it couldn’t possibly be men that actually live in the area?

    • QoT

      Well, unfortunately Asenati Lole-Taylor of NZ First has already made it very clear that it can’t be the Good Men Of South Auckland in her attacks on sex workers in Papatoetoe. Ranui perhaps?

    • QoT

      Yep, but the South and Centre were already disavowing all knowledge and it’s just too easy to hate on the North Shore.