Random recommended reading

MJ totally nails Phil Goff on being a misogynist prick – and not even having the balls to own it.

Badass swordswoman is badass.

Jan Logie presents four arguments against Peter Dunne’s flexible superannuation proposal.

John Scalzi is, bizarrely, not intimidated by being called a “feminist”.  Not even when he’s voluntarily wearing a dress.  There must be something wrong with him.

Normally I would never link to this kind of thing, but here’s The 15 Hottest Sideboobs at the VMAs.

A fairly definitive post on the problem of Miley Cyrus twerking (and everything else).

Special K are once again stealing the language and ideas of body acceptance.  Why do we let numbers define us?  Because Special K is fucking cardboard in a box which only sells because its manufacturers explicitly tell women they can’t love their bodies until they’re thin.  (Bonus fail: of course it’s the comparatively-plus-size woman of colour who gets “size strong”).

Funny how the western media generally likes to terrify us with tales of increasing violence and uncertainty in our own backyards – unless of course it’s people of colour being actually, deliberately, violently attacked.



  1. Jamie

    Man, freaking John Scalzi. I have been making a buying of buying all his books because he is awesome, I love his genre, and he is even MORE awesome than awesome.

    In other news, I now have a puppy. Noone knows me, so noone cares, but he’s cute and I gotta brag somewhere. 🙂