Random recommended reading

A trifecta on welfare and the common indignities beneficiaries are expected to suffer:

This guy totally fucking nails the Nice Guy concept.  Trigger warning for discussion of sexual assault.

s.e. smith on performative guilt.  Seriously good.

Dr Willie Parker proves you can be a person of faith and be prochoice.  Even before you’re prochoice, you can still not be a judgey, healthcare-denying douchebag!

The best coverage I’ve seen to date on Chelsea Manning from The Guardian.  Correct pronouns, even!

The Hamilton fluoride debate is, at this point, a performance art piece on the anti-science nature of so much of today’s ~health concerns~.  Now they even want the chemistry department of the University of Waikato to, um, stop muddling the debate with their facts.

Kelly Broderick’s photo was stolen and used for a misogynist, fat-shaming meme (which Facebook did nothing about, because no unclothed breasts were involved).  She responded by creating We Are What Feminists Look Like.


    • QoT

      Yeah, see I was okay with that right until the usual “All this scientific evidence indicates that fatness isn’t caused by “poor choices” or overeating. But that’s no reason to stop trying to fight THE TERRIFYING OBESITY EPIDEMIC WHICH WILL KILL US AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL” line.

      Because apparently we can question the dubious science behind the causes of body weight, but not the even-more-flimsy science behind the “risks” of body weight.