Well that was unexpected

David Shearer’s stepped down – and not been rolled (well, formally.  Someone had to pull the trigger and I never thought it would be him.)

I’m pretty much with No Right Turn’s train of thought – to resign the day after a really high-profile piece of legislation passes which has serious potential to damage the government, and turn the media attention to a leadership scrap (because any time there’s no anointed successor, it’s going to be a scrap) seems like a really bad idea.  But would there ever be a good time to go?

I guess we’ll just have to sit tight for four weeks to figure out what, if any, new direction a new Labour leader might take.  Anyone for popcorn?


  1. David

    I vote David Cunliffe, with Jacinda Ardern as deputy, Parker as AG and Robertson can slot into the nearest top portfolio. And please, someone tell Trevor Mallard to quit, please?

  2. weka

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion on the timing. RNZ reported Shearer as saying something about how he didn’t want to do it while the GCSB debate was going on (for obvious reasons), so I’m assuming he has been wanting to do this urgently and today is the very first day that is ok (urgent, otherwise why not wait until next week?).

    • QoT

      I think it’s taken everyone by surprise, because after February he was so VERY VERY DEFINITELY going to be leader FOREVER AND EVER, and there’s no key event (like Garner’s pretend letter of no confidence) to point to as the catalyst for this. So it looks like he’s bailing right after a key event which could be used to his advantage – whereas of course he couldn’t do it before the GCSB Bill passed.